Thursday, 28 June 2007

Raspberry Twist

Here it is! The much talked about first skein of Sharon's
homespun/ spindlespun yarn. The first/top picture is one side ( A) and then the next pic is the other side (B)- so you can see both sides of the twisted skein.

Side "B"

Here is a close up of the twisted skein-

and will add one of the skein all undone so you can see how uneven ( thick and thin) the yarn is- but remember - this is my first one! ;)

Decided to add two. :)

I'm now carding that fawn alpaca I spoke of- will spin it next- will be awhile 'til there will be photos of that.
Spinning is an amazing thing- to take 'fluff' from a sheep ( or some other animal- and there are lots - with the appropriate kind of fur/fleece) and end up with this! I am so thankful to Yarn Magazine
for having it in issue#6 and inspiring me to try the drop spindle. BTW- the new issue #7 is out- if you are in Australia and reading this- go buy it! Support our locals! ( Yarn is based out of Adelaide/ near Adelaide- cool huh!?!) If you are not in Australia- see if you can get it imported to your local bookstore or something! We want it to be around a LONG time! :) This is not just another knitting magazine- this magazine has personality!
Thanks for looking and reading.

Hope you are well.

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Anonymous said...

Your first yarn is something to be incredibly proud of Sharon - it's gorgeous. You should submit to the Yarn Museum :-)
I've had so many enquiries for YARN magazine after my blog post that I rang up today and became a Stockist/Retailer!! Best remember to blog about that huh?
Again - AWESOME yarn! You rock :-)