Sunday, 24 June 2007

Sunday June 24 2007

What can I say? Not a very exciting day over all-we got out and did some geocaching - both of which were killers and I did not attempt to do what a majorly overweight middle aged sedentary woman should not do- which was do a level 2 difficulty terrain rating which should have been a 3.5- 4 *'s out of 5 ! RPB (Hubby) and RJB went on without me- I meditated in the sun awhile (after searching for 5 mins or more for a spot that didn't have Roo Doo that I would either sit on or put my hand into when attempting to stand up again!) which was really REALLY nice- I needed that. With RJB not taking naps like he 'should' and me not getting enough sleep during the week and even less on the weekends- I was very tired of being around someone virtually 24/7 and was glad to have that time to just listen to the leaves in the wind, a stray Baaa and mooo from the distance, and a few galahs,lorikeets, and kookaburra adding in occasionally as well. It was a very chilly windy day- I was even in my winter coat with my hood up over a crocheted cap/hat and was wishing when the sun went under the clouds that I had my mittens on too! But since everything was either up or down hill to walk very far- I just got up and walked around while waiting for my men to return from their expedition.
Eventually they did- I only did about 10-15 mins of worrying - wondering how I would know they were stuck in a ravine after slipping on the trail................- and then after a few good "Koo-ee"s and trying to hear over the wind - which happened to be blowing my voice the exact opposite direction than it should've been going- I finally thought I heard a little voice..."My son!" my mind cried out...... or was it? Wait? Maybe that was just a bird........darn! I am not an Australian bird expert - having only been here for 5 years and most of those years I didn't see more than some pigeons, sparrows, magpies, spotted doves, and New Holland Honeyeaters. None of which I could think would sound like my 3 YO yelling for help!.........oh DRAT! I remember all those countless times out searching in the woods in PA for my missing cat- in the snow-thinking I could hear a pitiful meow in the sound deadening white insulation Mother Nature had heaped upon us. I was sure I heard it wasn't. Maybe....... FINALLY as i was walking toward where we had parked the car ( no- I didn't have the car keys either! DUH!) - one last koo-ee and I was sure I heard it- this time a lower pitched man's voice- coming from the opposite direction than where I thought I should be hearing it.....sure enough- 5 mins. or so later- they emerged from the bush- happy and unhurt and glad to be back to where they knew for sure! GPS is really great for bush walking- *IF* you remember to plug in your car coordinates before you leave the area! It was constant up and down I was told. Ended up that it took about 1.5 hours to walk 500 meters! Another note to GPS users- the distance given is "AS THE CROW FLIES". We have done this enough- we knew that it would mean more than 500 m- but yeesh! This was a bit much. They make those trails and bush walks on snake trails for sure! Even the kangaroos hop in straighter paths than what they have marked out as walking trails for people in these parts! :)
What matters most is that RJB had a good time and he did - but his legs were tired and before we got back to the car he was cold too- ( it was an easier walk than what he walked in the bush!)
We drove to another cache that was less than 5 k away- but RJB was asleep for that one- so I stayed in the car while RPB retrieved that one. We got some neat glow in the dark goopy stuff in a pen shaped tube as a swap from the cache... will make more stars & stuff on RJB's walls. He already has lots of paper ones- but this way we can do something original. :)
I got a little bit of spinning done tonight- quite alot done last night. Now I will have to pull the ball off my spindle and do some more and try my hand at plying the singles. Yikes! (wish me luck! )
Must go- DH wants to log the find for the up and down the Heysen Trail geocache- I can't cos i was SMART and stayed where sane people would walk! lol
Will post some pics soon- poncho- singles ball of yarn- and maybe even one or two of the walk I just spoke about- DH took some photos. :)

Hope you are well.

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