Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Frog Ball

I have just this morning caught up all that I had to frog on my poncho.

So thought I would post a picture (hoping it is visible to someone! lol ) of the amount of yarn I had to pull out from my poncho to correct my mistakes. I estimate I ripped out over 1,400 double crochet stitches. More or less.... it was a frog load anyway. The ball in the center holding my crochet hook is the one I pulled out and rewrapped as I yanked it out. The ironic part is that while redoing all the stitches- I managed to ply my 2 waiting yarn ball strings together - which is ironice because in my spinning endeavours I feel confident to spin but not to ply! lol If this is any indication - I 'should' be good at it- and I have seen for myself that it is a pretty sight to ply multi colour singles- so I *will* be doing that in my future. Awesome.

The weather is all over the place here in SA- chilly/cold and sunny- wait........ no, cloudy with rains... no wait!- there's the sun.....and brr- winds...
AH WINTER in SA! :) I will take it over the summer heat we had and the summer heat PA is experiencing now according to Crystal in Williamport, PA. Bleh. Now- if it would just SNOW here in Seaford- I'd be happy! Woo hoo!!!! As RJB and I like to shout on occasion ( like Uncle Randy used to shout- I tell him) "C'mon SNOW!!" **** We love snow! RJB has no idea how COLD it will be once he gets to actually be in snow- but I think he will adjust quickly. The Blue Mountains got more snow overnight as NSW is having some rough weather again ( they had severe flooding about 2 weeks ago). I sure miss snow.
Back to the housework.
Hope you are well.


Mandie said...

Oh dear...that's a whole lot of frogging you had going on!! I doubt that I would've been so brave - good for you.
Stay warm, it's freezing here too.

Crystal said...

I wanna see! I wanna see! One of the first days over the weekend I saw your poncho (beFORE you took it apart some) but that was the only picture I saw besides Mandie's cute creation beside her name. Hi Mandie!

PS I'll be glad to send 10, 15, 20 degrees of warmth to you guys.