Sunday, 28 November 2010

Some Photos To Share

Hi! I have some pictures I'd like to share- many more to come but for now- here is DS in a hooded vest I made for him. The pattern is from Spotlight- and can be more readily accessed via Ravelry if you are a member there. :)

These were taken several months ago- still in 2010- but think it might've been just before the cool weather was going to set in. He does wear it occasionally still! :)
The next photos are of the Bottlebrush plant ( bush) ( Callistemon is the 'proper' name, though I'm not sure I have spelled it correctly....)
It's still quite small but has grown ALOT this last year- it's 3 years old now.

ANd here are our Halloween pumpkins... You cant' tell it but the one on the left is an actual "Jack-o-Lantern" type pumpkin! It was originally $22 for ONE pumpkin from the local Woolworth's..... we got it reduced at $8 and I have saved virtually every seed from it in hopes of raising more from this one outlay! lol
More photos in future posts... for now ~
Hope you are well.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

It's Nearly Summer *and* The End Of The Year!

Aw heck- it's been more than a year since I posted- I am not even going to try to catch up or apologise profusely... If you are reading this, please know I am thankful for your visit!

Not much new/different to talk about.....
I just thought I would copy a post I had on Ravelry and put it here for posterity's sake....
about the hopeful wantings for our garden. :) It was a pretty wet winter for us here so things have really responded and the soil has even been diggable in places it hasn't been for 8 years!
I am planting things in hopes of the sun being 'nice' this year and the weather cooperating for us to have a very nice garden.... I'm also investing in some more pea straw and potting mix to help improve the chances.

I'm still spinning / creating yarn- and even used a good amount of it making a 6 pointed star blanket for DS. :) It's a continuing work in progress... it's big enough for him now- but probably not so much by next winter so will spin some more soft smooshy merino for the rest of the blanket.

OK- here's my garden line-up......
in no particular order:
I/we have plants: 2 wax begonias ( 1 green, 1 red )
2 coleus- 1 green with pink, 1 burgundy with pink /green
1 dusty miller
3 cockscombs ( yellow,pink, multi) (DH’s choice) (can’t think of the proper ‘latin’ name for them- will fill it in when I do! Celosia!)
1 snapdragon (pink) (DS’s choice)
2 strawberry plants & a petunia mix ( in hanging baskets)
Seeds/seedlings started at home: Popcorn avocado watermelon pumpkin( halloween ones) dill basil lemon balm silver beet/swiss chard (white) thyme cucumbers Marigolds (african, not calendula although we have these as well!), snapdragons, alyssum, cosmos, nigella (love in a mist), salpiglossis(painted tongue), rockery and cottage garden packet mixtures , and nasturtiums. Oh and volunteer tomatoes in pots out front. (fingers crossed)

The lily of the valley plants ( 2 of 5) are coming up! I AM SOO excited about that!),
a tuberose is also coming up that I didn’t know if it would make it or not!,
Iris/Flags from freecycle,
------------------ ended here as it was time for school drop off! --------------------------
On the way home from school this morning we stopped at the McLaren Vale nursery where we found rose scented, pot-pourri scented, and peppermint scented geraniums, of which the latter has come to live with us. :) I also had DH help me pull up a healthy piece of Vinca Vine from the outside the Kindy fence….. I love vinca although I know it is a big old pest going crazy and filling up space- but that’s OK with me! ( except things like that tend to be a haven for the snails….). They had an amazing little plant that looked like it was a cross between a small dogtooth violet and a maiden hair fern that was growing everywhere - it is sooooo pretty and charming- it obviously wouldn’t grow here too readily as it likes moist shade, but when I asked about it all he said is that it is a weed and that I don’t want it to get started! :( I would say it’s my business if I want a lovely delicate looking weed like that to grow in my garden- but I just really wanted to know what it was!!!!!! I also know one needs to be careful so as not to cause a problem. ANyhow- now I am back but I am out of sorts as to what I have plants/seeds wise that I haven’t listed. I know I would like to get a zucchini plant or two in….. still waiting to see if my old seeds are going to sprout at all before I go buy new ones- or seedlings likely at this late of a date.
oh! I have seeds that I saved from a nice butternut squash/pumpkin we just had the other day… so might plant some of those and a few of the seeds from the halloween pumpkin that I saved as I mentioned before. ANd ohhhhhhhhhhhh I would just LOVE to grow a few cantaloupe/rockmelons! But not sure.
( chives, parsely, and choc. mint plants from last year/earlier in the year also should be mentioned I reckon!!! The first two varieties having been put into the ground after surviving last summer and winter in pots…… )
Also hope to manage a few pea plants and red /purple runner beans. :)

Yellow peppers and zucchini plants came to live at my house today too.

I also just remembered I have a “Rose of Sharon” bush that was given to me ( small stick with leaves! lol) last Autumn which needs a permanent home…. it’s a deciduous hibiscus….not sure what it’s called here.

Hope all is well.