Friday, 27 June 2008

Trains as Promised

Here are those pics finally- from the National Rail Museum in/near Adelaide.

This gives you a view of what one of the many aisles of trains looks like within the museum.

RJ outside on one of the old small machines that were used for repairs. ( No signage or anything is available- so I am just guessing here....)

In a second building this static display is what greets the eye when you first enter.

Even a railway kitchen is bigger than mine! LOL!


Part of the same train car as the kitchen view- the seating area was quite nice.

This is in the middle train yard area- what RJ refers to as a "Crashdown Crane" (breakdown crane) . He loves it- the perfect combination of construction site and trains.

Here is one of the large trains that I was speaking of- massive is the only word I can think of for them. Just amazingly massive.

Here is a view from the last carriage of the narrow gauge train they have called "Bub".

There were many photos to share- hope this small choice was interesting for you!

NOW! Back to our regularly scheduled blog.....

a small spinning update- NYASSA is done! : D
OH MY GOSH! Spinning lace weight on a spindle is just NOT my cup of tea although I love the resulting yarn - wow.
I will do a proper post on it shortly. ( It's been a long time in the making- a few more hours/days can't hurt! lol ) I need to get photos taken today of the end product before I post anyway. Can't say I love the colours- but I am proud of the yarn.

Will go for now. More fluff photos and yarn ones too, on their way. :)

Hope you are well.

Friday, 6 June 2008

Happy June!

Lots to write about and share- so let's go!

First off I want to say that May 25 saw us once again at the National Rail Museum for RJ's birthday...
he turned 4 and had a fun day climbing in alot of trains and going on at least 4 if not 5 rides on a narrow gauge train they call "Bub" ( who doubles as Thomas for a week in July when they have the "Thomas the Tank Engine" show there......). So many trains there- if you are a train buff - it is a great place to see so many different types ( nearly all static and in the sheds of course ). Some have wheels that are taller than I am and it is just awesome to think how these came to be here in SA. I can't figure out how the boats didn't sink with one of these babies on there! lol
I will have to reduce the pics and put them in my next post. :) Wait for them! ;)

Then remember ages ago when I said I was making/ had made an apron for RJ? Well- here it is- modelled on the "Jamie O"of the future himself!

It is made of 100% cotton yarn that I had shipped over with me about 5 years ago..... love those colours. :)
The pattern actually made it the size for a child who's more the age of 10 or so- so I just adjusted it some. The neck strap was still way too long- but I have just whip stitched it with a fold in it- so it will be able to be adjusted out as he grows! My next project for him will be a hoodie! He loves them and I want to make him something but didn't know what until this pattern came along. Now- to find the right yarn. Wool is not the right choice, I feel- not without it being superwash....and I have none of that. I am very lucky he loves colour and doesn't want the dark colours that are so often sold in the shops.
I actually have 2 crochet projects going now as it is- plus am making squares to send away for comfortghans to be made spinning that I am constantly obsessed with doing. I have several skeins that I got done on my wheel as well as my spindle..... and one that is now waiting to be plied ( Nyassa from YONKS ago that I have photos on the blog for-but because of it being laceweight I had stopped spinning it for MONTHS... well- it is all spun and now waiting to be plied. Had hoped to do it on my wheel but I have managed to pull ligaments or muscles or something in my right foot that i can hardly get around for a few weeks now...... I * think* it is getting better- but not sure- it is odd- the pain was first in the part where your foot and the bottom of your leg meets ( is there are word for that area?? - the 'other side of your heel'? ) and it bends there.......then it sort of has stuck there- but the major pain has managed to travel over to my outside ankle bone and now is at the achilles' tendon area?? My theory is that i strained something when I was going crazy on my wheel ( spun & plied 50 g in two hours or was that 100g....shoot i forget now.......) anyway- I think I may have hurt it then as it was shortly after that when it started to hurt- and then when it was feeling a tidge better I thought I would spin some again and maybe it would 'work' it out and then it got MUCH worse...... ( smart,eh? *Don't answer that!* ) I have not heard of anyone else having this problem- but then again I haven't asked on any of my spinning groups to which I belong. Too embarrassed. :( )

Below is the purples/greens/orange yarn I mentioned I was spinning for my bedjacket type thing I am going to attempt...

Yarn being dried one fine day, in our gum tree. :)

Then on May 31st we went to ......... **drum roll please!** .... Littlehampton, SA !!!! (about an hours' drive away...maybe a bit more... seems we never go the same way twice-lol! )
This was for a sale that was put on by the local spinners and weavers guild.
We had gone before and I am telling you- the night before I got barely ANY sleep= worse than a child at Christmas!!!!!!!!
And even despite my foot- had a super day. Got lots of FLUFF from Kathy Baschiera ( and we got to chat a little bit- she is always so busy - but she is so talented and has such lovely items for sale...I can totally understand the frenzy to get her fluff! )
I got 8 batts of yellow fluff -6 with glitz, 2 plain, RJ got 4 batts this time- two burgundy-ish ones with glitz also- and two greens...
and then I got two rovings hand painted by Kathy - but believe me- I could've bought SO MANY more!
I will post pics below of what we got
and to see what hubby got ( two different rovings more and 4 batts I believe) you will have to go to his blog! ;)

This one ( above ) is called Bizarre- it's so beautiful...

Below is "opal"- I saw this one hanging behind Kathy and while we were there things were SO nuts that we just left our things and came back for them to pay when it was more calm... she is a lovely lady to let us do that ( Thanks Kathy! ).... and thankfully this roving was still hanging there when we got back. For those of you who would like to own some of Kathy's beautiful fluff- she lives in the north/northeast of Adelaide...please contact me for her email and I will help you get in touch with her. :)

We also got to meet up with a fellow spinner and knitting friend from yahoo groups- Chris W. :) What a lovely, warm, wonderful lady! We felt like we'd known her for years. Makes me long even MORE to be in the hills.... it's much more like home there. *sigh* Alas- at this point in our lives - we are not millionaires and will not likely be buying a home in that area. Property is quite high right now and I want some ROOM to move. We are not moving only to find myself stuck like I am now- surrounded by people instead of trees. I am holding out for the right place... I KNOW it will show itself soon. Sooner rather than later I mean. :)

Above are Riley's batts- green and a sparkly burgundy... good taste for a 4 yr old- eh??

Below are the yellow batts I got..... i lurve them:

This one above shows the sparkle of the glitz she carded into them- below shows the colour a bit better I feel.

And the sneak peak of hubby's newly acquired stash:

Click here to go to his blog to see....
( when he gets the chance to post it... I can't say when they will be. lol)

Hubby got a new job he starts in 2 weeks- his Bday in this Sunday- and I got more fluff in the mail today from Jane in Northwest SA! She has English Leicester sheep and other wools she gets in ......raw and washed and dyed... Really nice fleeces overall- although the EL is a stronger fleece (much less soft than merino) it is still fun to spin and her dyed fleece are just so fun to spin. You can find her on and you can also find her fluff at her own online store Mosely Park Home.

Need to go for now- lots more to write. And show! ( Yarn magazine goodies, my EL fluff and some new spinning that I am doing or finishing up... just for starters!)

Hope you are well.