Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Scarf and Hickory Stick to See

First up to see is the curly whirly scarf I made....

I guess I am a good 2 years behind on this fad..... but I don't care! Well- it's a bummer to not have links to many of the patterns not work anymore- but that's OK! lol
This is crocheted from a 100% wool singles yarn from Sean Sheep. It's fun- it just is a long spiral of massive quantity of stitches- very addictive to do- I want to turn all my current yarns into these! I had not crocheted with a singles before this- I like it and have no problem whatsoever with it.

Which is good- as the finished yarn you are are about to see was done as a finished singles....

This is my Hickory Stick roving (hand dyed by the infamous talented Mandie of EGMTK!)

and here is the yarn I made from it. :D

I love this process - it is one of the best things to happen to me! Really! I know that sounds pathetic- but you know what? I have loved yarn since I can remember. Doing finger crochet chains for seemingly miles and miles. Never understanding why I couldn't get more rows on it. LOL ! I figured it out eventually. ;) So to make my very own- that no one else will ever ever have or create is just awesome to me. Have I said that too many times already? I will say it again surely- so just smile and nod, please?

The lunar eclipse last night was AWESOME! Spectacular. I hope you at least got to see a photo of it. The moniker "Blood Moon" was so appropriate... the deepest shade of red that could be imagined and still be seen from so far away. I feel blessed to have been able to witness it.

I am keeping this short since it is Wednesday night and time for House, MD!

Hope you are well.

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

A Lunar Eclipse Tonight

How cool- just found out this morning that there will be a total Lunar Eclipse this evening-starting at 6:51 pm Sydney time- (6:21 pm SA)....... I sure hope the sky remains clear for us to see things.

Have some yarn and a scarf drying - will photo them and post them here later- probably tomorrow now.

Busy weekend- Sat. saw us go for groceries and then once home again rearranged the front room to make things more accessible- what a nightmare! Mom always loved rearranging furniture- boy- not me. It is nice to have the space. But I am not sure the stress was worth it.
Yes- I do know it for Riley to have his train set out ( a figure 8 thing) and we can still walk passed him. That's a good thing. ;)

Sunday we spent most of it away geocaching down south- Normanville area. Saw some nice views- found 2 out of 4 caches we looked for...... 1 was at a skateboard/play park area that has pretty recently been bulldozed above the play areas- to make what looks like might be a level field for cricket games or the like- not sure the cache is still there! RPB and RJB did a thorough search and still came up empty handed........but it was a really nice park- so I think we will go back again to have another look. ;)

Then Sunday night found me sitting , once again, anxiously awaiting the new update at Ewe Give Me The Knits!- where, by the time it was all done, over 140 people had visited the store and out of 12 new offerings only 2 remain and I have no idea why- they are both so pretty...
I went silly and got two- well- 1 for me and one we'll fight over...... mine is a wool/silk mix-- and it is TUSSAH silk -also known as peace silk- which is harvested from the silkworm's cocoon AFTER it has hatched out. MUCH nicer than boiling the worms alive just so one is able to 'reel' the silk in one long piece. I was/am so grateful Mandie put that in the description so I knew it was veg. friendly. Then later an Optim on Acid choice came up and both DH and i wanted it- Optim is 14 micron wool!!! I simply cannot wait to try spinning some. :)

Will post photos once they are paid for and arrive. If you would like to see them now- at this moment they are available for viewing ( but will likely be removed by next Sunday's update)-
go here for the Optim on Acid and here for the Solaris Merino/silk top . What can I say? I like LOUD colours, not meant for the faint hearted! woohoo! :)

Yesterday ( Monday) found me up to my ears in household chores that were neglected over the weekend- so I didn't get much of anything done fun-wise. A bit of crocheting to finish the aforementioned scarf- and I got some wool plied from the two batts from Kathy B. that we got the first time we met her in Littlehampton,SA. :) I made the yarn for DH to use- am hoping he will like knitting with it......only 50g approx. - but it might make 'something' seems to be about a worsted weight. (U.S. terms- I need to start doing the W.P.I. [wraps per inch] as I think that is a superior way to identify a yarn thickness/weight . )

A bit of frustrating news- a few months ago I splurged on a subscription to the USA magazine "Spin Off" - put out by Interweave Press......they said they sent the first issue and it should've been here by Aug.24th- no later.... but alas it has not arrived. The new issue will come out Sept. 12 I think it is- so have written to them to let them know I didn't get it...... does anyone else in Oz ( that reads this) get the magazine (or any others from the USA ) sent to them? If so- do you have any problems with issues missing? Would it be a customs thing? I sure hope not! I do not have the best of luck with them. ( Like them keeping my can of Old Bay Seasoning my brother Randy sent me- because it had cloves in it. Ground cloves!? What on earth could they have to cause concern or threat?
Mind you- if I got a special permit I could have it sent in then....
money sure talks- loudly. I feel worse for Randy- having spent all that money on the spice/seasoning and sending it- only to have it get taken away. Me thinks the quarantine folks are having nice boiled shrimp with all the right seasonings somewhere.........)
Anyway- I digress. As I often do. ;)

There is a new thing where we can put a video on our blog now...... somehow- so now i can share my RJP with you! Won't that be so cool? I shudder to think how long it will take to DL- but it will be worth it to be able to show him to my family in the USA.

Will try to write more later- but not sure.
Tacos for tea- whoopee! I am hoping RJB will like those better than burritos... the crunchy shell should do it. :)

Hope you are well.

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

P.S. - To My Hubby

Happy 5th Wedding Anniversary to my husband, Richard.

(aka RPB or DH)

Here's to a further 20 or 30 or.... may they be even better than the ones we have had already. ;)


Not able to send out emails3

Yep- again.
What can I say?
Oh, I know-
DON'T use ISURF as your ISP!


Pretty spinning- Nice spinning- soooooothing spinning......

Hope you are well. :)

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

All Sorts... and Not....

Here it is: my first yarn made from batts.....
This shows the 4 colours of wool batts used-plus what I put the singles onto to ply- and the plied yarn on the spindle (the plain black was spun into a singles then plied with the 3 colour singles that you see on the stick...).

And this shows the remainder of the multicolour singles plied with black thread after I ran out of the 25g of wool I spun with which to ply originally-and the difference between the two.

I immediately thought of licorice all-sorts candy as I started the plying and it was the first thing DH said when he saw it! LOL! ( The above right picture is a bit dark-sorry) It's dramatically different- don't you think? Will take a better photo ( light and neatness of yarn balls) of them together once they are washed and dried and skeined properly. I am too eager to share to wait for all that to happen! LOL

Speaking of eager:

I just *had* to share this with you. OMG! This is so SO soft and the colours that are showing up are so beautifully. I just want to spin this and do nothing else! WOW!

I also thought you might like to see what my new bowl looks like:

There are both finished and unfinished yarns in there-and some underneath that you can't see. :)

That's a bowl full of happiness. :)
:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :D :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) : ) :) :) :) :)

Hope you are well (and happy!).

Monday, 20 August 2007

New A-rove-als

Well- the weekend wasn't much to write about- got some groceries and visited the Go-Lo next door so I could check for some lavender thread for plying. Hubby and son both managed to find stuff to buy- but zilch for me. ( it's ok- don't be sad- I made up for it Sunday!)

Then Sunday found us walking over to the local mall where I made up for Saturday by getting a sheep-load of stuff. Off-white thread, dark green thread, 2 glow in the dark stepping stones we'd been looking for for weeks/months now!, as well as some other stuff- oh- a gorgeous green bowl for me to keep my finished balls and skeins of yarn in so I am inspired to use them as well as just enjoy the sight of them and the satisfaction that *I* ( me?, I did that!?) made them!
I am telling you - this yarn making is right up there with being pregnant. I am fine with imperfection from myself! I figured I would not be happy with what I make/made as it is NOT what you can buy in the stores (eg: nice and even and smooth and even coloured,etc..)- it is thick and thin and not evenly spaced in the plying and sometimes there are fluffy bits sticking out that really shouldn't be there..... but for the most part I just don't care.... I actually *like* that they are not 'perfect'. And with the last yarn I made (pics. to come)- since it is made from batts that I had never worked with before ( the batt 'format'- not just the batts themselves, of course! LOL ) it is truly my very own yarn colourway decision. No way would anyone else have yarn just like this..... because I spin them at total random and whimsy.... too cool. Anyway......I digressed a bit, didn't I?......

When we hit Big W for some thread in lavender- I ended up getting 4! Three shades of purple ( dark, lavender, magenta-ish) & one of a light green (pastel mint green?). I find I enjoy plying with thread more than with another singles. But we also came home with balls of Sean Sheep wool that were on sale for $2 a ball! Now- these are normally $3 and $4 a ball so this was amazing to get 100% wool yarn ( 50g each) in really neat colours for that price! I only got 4 balls ( 2 each of some singles style yarn colours that compliment each other) and dh got some too- don't know the brand or remember the colours- but he as happy too! lol We are really getting to be wool fans. Who'd ever have thunk!? ;)
We also went to the beach later in the day- dug in the sand and enjoyed the surf sounds. The tide was coming in so we didn't stay long- but had a nice time. I prefer to walk- so did a little bit with the dog- but mostly spent time digging in the sand.
That was the best part of Sunday- the best part of Saturday has to do with the title (were you wondering??)- a lovely parcel of rovings arrived from "Ewe Give Me the Knits!". Let me tell you- that Mandie can pack a satchel! ( Thank You again, Mandie ) Inside were 5 very flatly smooshed rovings each in their plastic bags- ready to be liberated! OMG!

Here are the newest additions to our stash-

This green and burgundy pink one is called "Peppercorn Tree"- and it is exactly what a Pink Peppercorn Tree with ripened berries hanging on it looks like- colour-wise. I LOVE IT. I will talk about how neat/special they are to me once I have it spun I reckon.

This small photo-(I didn't get a larger photo saved-darn!)- is "Miss Hettie's Hat"... I love the yellow and purples together. RJB likes this one too- the name especially. :)

This one with the purples and earthtones is sooo pretty- called "Nyassa".... I haven't asked what the name means.... and it was a colourway done before I noticed so it must be a Mandie favourite as well. :)

And then there is THIS!- Is this not awesome? It's called "Intuitive"- so fun and perfect for something fun for summer-it will be interesting to see what this ends up becoming. :)
"Intuitive" above and "Garfields' House" below- are the ones that RPB chose for himself.
We'll see who actually ends up spinning them! ( heh heh! ;) )

I think this is an usual and really neat colourway. I can hardly wait to see how it spins.

Well- I better get going- this has been an all day project. I am so thankful for the draft save feature on here. Helps me alot more than I thought it would!
Hope you are well.

Friday, 17 August 2007

Again- No send outs

Another morning- another morningof inability to send emails out. :(
Have I ever mentioned how much I DO NOT RECOMMEND ISURF as an ISP! :(

Hope you are well- and able to send out your emails- send a note to someone you love-let them know you care and are glad you can email them to let them know!

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

More Battiness

Here are the pink ones I spoke of- the middle picture is a bit too full on- but I liked how the one had unfurled. :) There's no sparkle in these- but plenty of colour- pinks, blues, purple, dark melon-really amazing.

I will also show you the blue and black ones although they are not really specifically mine....the blue is def. hubby's choice... I am not much of a blue fanatic most of the time. I do appreciate it- but it is not a first choice colour - especially blue- gray! lol He's just finished a manly watch cap sort of hat and a matching scarf for colder days of our winter in this colour way- almost exactly like it....with yarn I'd brought with me from the USA. ( yes- I brought as much as possible with me because 5 years ago this area of the country had very little that was appealing or nice that we could afford! It may be acrylic- but it is pretty darn nice acrylic! I will never turn my back on acrylic yarn. It's just too darn fun and affordable. ;)

So- that is my update for now. Nothing exciting or even boring to really talk about- the clouds have moved in just like the BOM said it would- WOW~ amazing. Let's hope we actually get the *rain* for which they are calling!

Hope you are well.

ISP down again

Just a note to those who might be waiting for an email from me- the ISP is down again this morning- again- able to recve- but not send.

Tuesday, 14 August 2007


No email is able to be sent out so far this morning- so will work on my blog a bit.
I need a distraction. The pets are driving me over the edge (both are having 'relieving themselves' issues- the cat is OLD and peeing in her bed- Jade (dog) is going on day two of more day of this and she will have to go to the's not as bad today as yesterday, so am thinking it was something she's found to eat- as she is known for having perfectly good pet food in the bowl and she will sniff it and head straight for the cat box to eat poo there! At the beach she eats any and everything from rocks and sand to seaweed to cuttlefish bones!) RJB is being very good this morning- perhaps he can feel my stress from the pets and other household duties weighing in on me today. So this is a nice distraction..this blog thingy I mean. :)

It's about time I shared details about Saturday's SACSOS (SA couloured sheep folks) fibre fair.

I have lots of photos to share of what we got- but none of the show itself as they were in darkness for most of the time we were there and I wasn't blinding anyone ( or annoying them!) with my flash in effort to take some photos. If I were doing it for a magazine or something it might've been different. Something had happened ( they were blaming the Toyota Car Rally that was going on at the other end of town! lol) and they had NO electricity for the first few hours of the fair. It was small and all contained inside the Soldier's Memorial Building. There were about 14 vendors if memory serves me correctly. Friendly and chatty- we had a nice time learning more about wool and meeting folks. Kathy Baschiera was there as hoped! We did our most damage there- but to get 4 coloured/dyed wool batts for $5 ( 100g) is just too good to pass up- I just went crazy! I got majority- Richard (DH) got a few. :)

But he made up for it by getting a 500g roll of wool roving......$15- it is soft and nice quality. A lovely heathered chocolatey brown- the last one they had. This company is world known for its' a pamphlet and have read it since. They had really nice items-all in the natural colours sheep come in. I'd just left Kathy's stand- I was ready for rainbows and dazzle! lol

We also got to meet Suzie Horne! She is well known also for her yarns and rovings. She was a delight to talk with and we wanted to get some roving from her- but was just too dark to see the colours so we thought we'd go back before we left- which we did- but ended up with a bag of wool from my favourite raw wool folks from Mt Bryan- years ago when we first thought we wanted to spin- there was a wool gathering at Port Noarlunga ( about 7 mins. drive north) - and we met the Lucinvale folks there! So friendly! We didn't get the chance to chat- but knew when I saw their bags of fleece that I wanted one....came home with a 1K+ bag of COATED wool that is sooooooo soft and nice...... with that lovely sheepy farm smell. and ohh the lanolin in it is to die for at this time- it is so nice. I am eager to spin it- but Richard is using the spindle I use for raw wool spinning. ( I find it preferable to stick with one spindle that will get all that lanolin in- rather than 'mess' up several of my spindles. Although my Ashford Turkish could use a finishing coat of something on it! LOL!!!)

The B.O.M. ( weather people) had called for showers and cloudy weather but we found ourselves graced with nice temps and a gusty wind. So we took our Subway subs we had taken along and found a picnic table at the little park just behind the building and sat and watched the trees blow in the wind and children playing and just loved being OUT in it. I really really miss trees and green land and open spaces. ( cue music- "Wide Open Spaces" by the Dixie Chicks)

After we ate we went across the street and looked around at a little eatery that had train stuff ( RJB was insistent there had to be train somewhere nearby- all excursions should be to TRAIN destinations for him. ;) ) and some lovely pastry items. The shop next door had some flowering hyacinth bulbs in pots for sale so I smelled them and reminisced alot about home at Little Bear Creek- Mom adored hyacinths as well. We always had some- never much luck with the outside ones it seemed- but Dad would always bring home some potted ones or mom would get them when we went to the store. Ahhh- nothing says spring like Hyacinths and Lilacs.

After we had a look around a bit we went back inside and got the Lucinvale wool, put it in the trunk/boot of the car and went to play some more in the play area. Oh, forgot to mention that as we were leaving the fair the first time- Barbara from Yarn Mag. had just come in- but RJB was so hungry and we'd made him wait already- and she was talking with Suzie- so timing was all wrong- Richard had wanted to introduce himself as they are both on the same knitting board on Yahoo! groups- but when we got back inside- we didn't see her. :( We are hoping for the next gathering of woolies we will get the chance. :)

So-we got back in after a nice play and got ourselves figured out how to get out of there and head some place interesting next- and off we went........ en route to Melba's Chocolate Factory!

It was just off the road we needed to take to go home so it was a nice hours' diversion with a yummy bag of assorted sweets coming home with us. RJB got a construction vehicle made of plastic that had a little chocolate bulldozer attached to it- so he was happy! I got some dark chocolate frogs ( shape only of course-it's a thing here- chocolate frogs...(shoulders shrug)- and two pink( strawberry) white chocolate piggy shapes for Richard- as well as some hard tac black licorice like he remembers from England. Some fudge ( caramel and coffee- neither are terribly great but they are sweet!), something else caramel-ly- but not that nice....... and the best of all-

choc. covered ( milk and dark came home with us) coffee beans! YUMMMMMMM!

They are very nice. Melba's is good about having samples out of some things to try- and the coffee beans were so yummy! We saw several areas with folks working- packaging, and enrobing, and in the back big room I think the man was making a chocolate caramel or was quite a dark brown coloured hot mixture we was rolling out repeatedly- then cut it and moved it onto another table...... it's so neat to watch. When we all had made our choices we got into the car and headed home- via Hahndorf - where we stopped at the fruit and veg place we like there and got some broccoli, apples, a HUGE orange and some other good for us stuff ( to balance out Melba's - LOL! ) and then came home the familiar way. We had taken the more 'city' route to get there- thinking it should be faster- but don't know if it was or not- as we forgot to make note of the times left and with stops made along the way home..... well.......

let's just say the non-city way is much more enjoyable and relaxing. I love it over that way.


Without further ado- I will now post pictures of said goodies...

In the bag- back and front view- did I say how much I appreciate people who put coats on their sheep? There is so little VM in this wool- it's fantastic!

A pouf of wool out of the bag- oh so fluffy!

This photo of a lock of wool- it isn't really as long as it might appear here-
it is actually a nice long 4" ( 10cm)- lovely length- not too long not too short.

Am thinking of trying to teach myself to spin from the lock...not quite sure I 'get' the concept- but won't know 'til I try! :)

This is Richard's roving- it really is soft as.

The above picture is pretty true to the colours- the green is a kiwi fruit colour....has the depth like that- some darker some lighter- all we needed was black seeds! LOL The pink is not quite what it is showing on my monitor- it's true colour is about where the too bright meets with the darker part.. the blue is pretty right on- and the yellowy is the colour of mango flesh. Kensington mango to be exact- YUM! : d

It is really difficult to get the true colours of the mango-ey multi batts-

we tried lots of different lighting- the following are what I deem best photos.

Kathy carded in sparkle in this colour- I got every one she had at that time! I would've gotten more if she'd had them! The colours are awesome- bits of blue, white,yellowy mango, kiwi, the sparkle in a 'majority' base of the darker orange-y mango colour. I can hardly wait to spin this- but am going to wait until I know what I want to do with it... each batt is approx. 25 g- so that is 225g of this colour and the plain kiwi and mango I got will compliment this perfectly- so might actually have enough of this for a sweater- even for a large person like me! I am not sure and am afraid i might need to learn to knit to find a pattern I can use homespun yarn with. *sigh* I will have to hide them from me so I don't get impatient and spin before I have the project.

This one ^ is a bit dark.......but loved how the picture came out. :)

These two are showing off the sparkle... above ^ is a bit dark for the true colours- the pic below is the closest to real colours we could get.

OK- I have been at this for a long time- I better get going and pay some more attention to my son- he is not used to me 'ignoring' him for this long! Bad Momma! BAD fibre! lol

Will post the other pictures later or tomorrow- will try again with getting the colour right- pinks are the hardest with oranges right up there....purple is a challenge too- but I don't have any of that to photograph! ( maybe next time?? November......scarf exchange...... we'll be there!)

Will try my email again now- before getting offline.

Hope you are well.

Monday, 13 August 2007

Beauty, Mate!

More tomorrow. (fingers crossed)

Hope you are well.

Saturday, 11 August 2007

More Tomorrow

We went- we saw - we bought! Will write more soon about it all and have pictures!

Hope you are well!

Friday, 10 August 2007

Finally Friday

This was one of those weeks that seemed longer than a week.
But Friday it is and that means only 1 more sleep and we are off to the Mt. Pleasant/SACSOS fibre festival. :)
It' s 40 mins. drive outside the city heading north/NE- so for us that will make it a good 80 mins. - Not sure if going on the other side of the Onkaparinga Gorge would make the trip shorter- but it would be prettier- this side is all developed and city..........the other side is glorious views interrupted by towns- usually worth the extra time/distance to drive South a ways to go North. :) I honestly can't tell you how excited I am to be going. Don't know if we will try to take photos of the event or just take photos of what we get- but there *will* we photos of some sort! lol

Am drawing a blank as to what to write so will post this and go frog a mitten I started and now realise I will not have enough of that yarn to make two. Maybe I could start a "mismatched mittens" fad?? I am actually experimenting with a pattern to adapt it to make a certain mitten I have been wanting to create for some few weeks now.... that only seems to be available in knitting patterns- so have been debating on whether to try it with crocheting....but really have been thinking of it so much- so I know it means I have to give it a try. Winter is ending here and it is hot in the USA - so no matter where you are- you are probably not thinking it is mitten weather ( or for much longer). When I am done with these- I hope anyone who tries them will wish it is mitten weather more often. :)
If I really can get the whole thing to work out- I would eventually like to sell them, but that is a long way off.
I had notice from the folks at Spin-Off magazine that my issue is on its' way! To be here for Aug. 24th at latest. Then the new issue is due out the early part of September and I am hoping it will be here much more quickly than the first issue. I can hardly WAIT for the Fall issue of S.O.- they gave a sneak preview ( verbally) and it is an issue I simply must have! Might get one off the newsstand and have two copies ! LOL!

Well- RJB wants to play trains so I am off to be the 'ding-ding' ( railroad light crossing- arm up and down thingy).

Hope you are well.

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Scenes Over the Weekend

I'd like to share some photos taken over the weekend- this first one is of the flower head from a plant commonly called "Black Rose". It's actually a member of the cactus family, I believe. Will have to look it up and edit later.

This is a very close up view of the top of the flower head. This is the first one ours has had.
Below is some of our lavender that is growing in the front garden- with a honey bee on it- which is the whole reason we have the lavender...... the garden centre next door closed down and all the trees and plants are gone and cramped housing with NO trees has replaced it. :( Not only not so great for us, but really bad for the bees- so thankfully these have flowers prfusely all winter long for the bees to enjoy- and we enjoy them! :)

On Sunday we went Geocaching down Willunga way- so thought I would include a few photos that I got taken while out and about. Below are some wild cockatiels, cows and there were even a few ducks in the picture- all sharing some lovely green land. There was a house nearby as well. It was nice to see them all getting along peacefully. This is one of those places where you just can't get a photo to do justice- these cactus ( Century Plants I believe) and red crocosmia combined so well with some purple vinca vine at the base and the large trees and dazzling sky in the background. There was also remainder of an old sandstone house there- but didn't show up in this picture.

This is RJB enjoying his friend the wooly bear caterpillar. There haven't been many this year- so he enjoyed befriending this one for a long while. Thankfully he didn't want to keep him! lol

Thanks for looking and hope you are well.

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Monday, 6 August 2007

Sunny Mundy

Well! Monday night arrives again~ not alot happened on the weekend as DH worked OT on Friday night and on Saturday ( what a blessing in disguise- I feel a bit more at ease now).
Saturday saw us head out for some groceries and Sunday we went in the mid afternoon to do 3 caches down Willunga way- about 25 mins. drive south of us. We managed to find all three too! The first one was quite a challenge- as it is located along a walking track- one that is paved and on what they call the "Sea and Vines" walk...and let me tell you- there were ALOT of people out for that time of day on a Sunday that was threatening with rain between bright bursts of sunshine. We managed to get the cache and while logging it- DH noticed others walking along and they had a GPS unit in their hands- sure enough they went right to where the cache would've been if we didn't have it! They finally noticed that I was wearing a GPS'r around my neck ( darn! I won't do that again however I *did* have the dog on the leash and was trying to write in the log book to log our find, in a hurry!) but they were good natured about it- and turned their backs while DH hid the cache. Then while we were logging the second find - didn't they drive passed us again! LOL But they drove on and came back after we left. RJB got himself a new little car ( fancy- convertable with flames along the front of the hood/bonnet-wooohoo!) and DH got himself a new little flashlight/torch keychain.... first and third caches respectively. I had chosen a purple one just like this one from the last time we'd gone. :D
Took several photos I'd like to share......
Well! I was *going* to post some photos- but can't get anything to cooperate so will try again tomorrow.
Was a beautiful day today- got lots done - including my clown face all skeined and washed- and is now drying. I think this came out pretty darn nice. Much more even and smaller/thinner than the first plied yarn I did! lol This is probably somewhere around sport weight or reg. worsted weight yarn.... using USA terminology as I can't quite 'get' the Australian way yet.
This is another beautiful yarn that I am just dying to make something from - but have no idea where to start- maybe a pair of mittens? Seems like there was something else I wanted to share- but can't think of it- will write it down if I ever think of it! Let me tell you something- if you like /love yarn and have never tried making your own- DO IT! It is more costly perhaps than buying your favourite Red Heart or even Lion Brand (depending on what you are getting I reckon! )- but the satisfaction of making a yarn NO ONE else will ever create the same as you is really awesome. :)
Am giving up for tonight- will write again A.S.A.P. .
Hope you are well. :)

Friday, 3 August 2007

And They're GONE!

Well! Mandie got her absolutely gorgeous newest offerings up last night and nearly sold out before they were all listed I think! I am so happy for her! PLEASE click on her name and go have a look at her website to see what I mean.

Speaking of- I got the pics taken of my finished Drought Busta skein- so here it is:

This is showing slightly darker than real life on my monitor- but of course I can't tell what you are seeing exactly- but it is a nice wonderful colour.... i have left it in the twisted skein for now.

I am contemplating what to do with it - Approx. (139 x48" = ) 184 yds..... should be enough to make something of a larger size than a hat or scarf.
Been a busy morning already. Lots more to do.
Nearly done with plying the clown face- but it broke last night ( not sure what happened - but I guess I didnt' spin it tightly enough in that area...) so will have one large skein and one much smaller one- but who cares?- it is fun and pretty!
Edit: > I forgot to add earlier that Mandie has been featured in an interview on the "Lime and Violet" blog- please click * HERE * to go to the interview, it's a very nice read! And I am as proud as punch of her and for her! <
Hope you are well.

Thursday, 2 August 2007


What is the past tense for a large amount of money spent without really realising it??

Our electricity bill arrived yesterday- (3months) - $500. ( minus $1.81 to be exact). GULP!

I was figuring on a large bill- but didn't think it would be here this month.....and they so generously gave us a whole 2 weeks to pay it! Isn't it convenient that they happen to put the price per kwh up in the month of July- the coldest month for a long time?!?
All my excitement of owning a new spindle or two went out the roof ( or where ever it is that our heat goes in this house! Door cracks I reckon) and I am doubting getting to the Mt. Pleasant Fibre Festival on Aug. 11. even though I just informed DH in very loud angry tones that I WAS getting there even if he didn't want to go..blah blah blah. We'll see I guess. It *is* still 2 weeks away- something might happen between now and then.

RJB is done with his driving game for on the tv ( playstation or something or other......) so I need to go get things right for him. DH did manage to charge the camera battery at some point last night- so I can take pics today. Am almost done with plying my clown face. It is going MUCH MUCH easier on this makeshift nostepinne. I am very glad to say that! YAY!

We had a really yummy dinner/tea last night that even fussy RJB ate! I was so happy and we all were so full! lol
Will write more about it later........

Hope you are well.

Wednesday, 1 August 2007


Well- another month is upon us.

I have just tried to take photos of the recently FOs- but the camera battery is dead and I have no idea where DH has put the charger. So it will be not until he is home, finds the charger, charges the battery for ?? hours that I can take any. See ya tomorrow!
ha ha- just kidding.....
I can try to post for you the lovely assortment of wonderful items from Mandie/EGMTK! that arrived two days ago and I have neglected to write about!
Some items for DH and some for me-here are my goodies -all handdyed by the creative Goddess Mandie herself:

The one to the right is called "Limited Light".
The one below centre is "Hickory Stick" ...... And the one with all the lovely pink and orangey tones is called "Forever Young 2". :)

Does this lady have talent? Yes! A resounding YES!
I can hardly wait for the new stuff to be of yet- it is just the teaser on her blog.

Thanks also to Mandie for her comment on my plying problem- I will give plying a couple commercial yarn strands to see if it's me and my technique or if it is that I can't figure out how to do the twisty singles that all tangle up on themselves... report later.

Hope you are well.