Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Scenes Over the Weekend

I'd like to share some photos taken over the weekend- this first one is of the flower head from a plant commonly called "Black Rose". It's actually a member of the cactus family, I believe. Will have to look it up and edit later.

This is a very close up view of the top of the flower head. This is the first one ours has had.
Below is some of our lavender that is growing in the front garden- with a honey bee on it- which is the whole reason we have the lavender...... the garden centre next door closed down and all the trees and plants are gone and cramped housing with NO trees has replaced it. :( Not only not so great for us, but really bad for the bees- so thankfully these have flowers prfusely all winter long for the bees to enjoy- and we enjoy them! :)

On Sunday we went Geocaching down Willunga way- so thought I would include a few photos that I got taken while out and about. Below are some wild cockatiels, cows and there were even a few ducks in the picture- all sharing some lovely green land. There was a house nearby as well. It was nice to see them all getting along peacefully. This is one of those places where you just can't get a photo to do justice- these cactus ( Century Plants I believe) and red crocosmia combined so well with some purple vinca vine at the base and the large trees and dazzling sky in the background. There was also remainder of an old sandstone house there- but didn't show up in this picture.

This is RJB enjoying his friend the wooly bear caterpillar. There haven't been many this year- so he enjoyed befriending this one for a long while. Thankfully he didn't want to keep him! lol

Thanks for looking and hope you are well.

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Crystal said...

THANK YOU for all the wonderful nature shots and beautiful flowers.

I love RJB's pose and the fact that he didn't mind the caterpillar sharing space on his shirt.