Saturday, 29 November 2008

Scarf Exchange 2008

This year I participated in the International Scarf Exchange put on by various spinning groups of Australia.

Last year it was held by the Gumeracha SA guild- where I first learned of it... so with the help of my friend Kathy I joined in on the fun this year. This year it was hosted by The Handweavers, Spinners and Dyers' Guild of Western Australia.
I got my scarf/extra yarn back today in the mail- so thought I should post my photos of the one I made. I'll get photos taken of my received items asap. :)

The fibre and one of the spindles I chose to use to spin the 150 grams.

Below shows the two spindles I used- the Pansy (by Spinsanity)
and The Magpie (by Yorkieslave Artworks).

This is the singles (^) which ended up being plied upon itself to create:
these 3 skeins- which when all put together - created this large bundle of yarn- shown with a full roll of paper/kitchen towels- for size comparison. :)
It was so soft and squooshy. I so hope the person receiving it loves it as much as I did. ( if you are reading this- please contact me- I would love to hear from you!)

Below you will see photos of the scarf I made in progress and then the finished scarf.

I crocheted the scarf in a pattern I found online, then added on my own free form 'fringe' on the ends- which I called gumtree leaves in order for the whole item to fit the "Outback" theme that was chosen for the year. :)

Hope you are well!

Saturday, 1 November 2008


Just quick- here's RJ in his 'costume' (It's not the important part for him at this stage- it is only a means to an end [candy] for him) for Halloween- he wanted to be a Pirate cat- incorporating last year's costume- but it didn't work out- no tail could be found- I know I have seen it not that long ago- but it was hiding from us when it was needed, silly thing!

And then below is a closer picture- what a happy boy! ( just a few minutes before this he was hiding in the doorway from the neighbours who had come up to see our house decorations.) He did well for his takings considering we only visited 5 houses total. One neighbour even came up and gave him two mini Crunchy bars because we didnt' stop in and she was expecting us! (We didn't think they were home.)

Can anyone say "Sporticus"? That who he looks like to me in this close photo.

And last but not least- here are the carved pumpkins from this year. The littles one- the size of a large grapefruit- is from our garden- the only one that survived. The large one we bought a few months ago in a fruit and veg shop when pumpkin was at an ok price. Thankfully it stored well in the garage. :)

How was YOUR Halloween??
Hope you are well!

Monday, 13 October 2008


I simply cannot believe it has been over 2 months since I last blogged. Wow.
The sadder part is- is that I can't think of anything really to talk about. Well-I can think of things to share- but at the moment there isn't enough time for me to get it all done- so I would rather wait.

I *finally* got the shawl I made for my dear friend Crystal - nearly 11 months ago- sent to her!
So I want to post pics of the before and afters of it all. But that will require some picture finding that I can't get into.

I did several skeins of yarn= including my precious Gotland Lamb, during the month of September in response to a challenge Mandie had on Ravelry to spin her fibre and win a prize package of goodies from her. I adore her fibres so I had to spin to win! I didn't- but had a good time spinning what I got done- all on the wheel- am working on some EL from Jane on a spindle from Sally of Yorkieslave Artworks. I have lots of photos to share.
I was fortunate enough to get some spindles before our dollar dropped too badly against the USA dollar ( currenly 66c to the dollar! UGH! and hoo........) ....... at the current exchange it won't be any time soon that I will be purchasing again and I am dead angry with it- as she is going to have some FABULOUS ones coming up - I just know it! *sigh*
I will add links to the names I have mentioned- please go check out their newest items in spinning fun!
Meanwhile I need to get going. But at least I have done an update so any of you who only check me here and not on Ravelry will know I am still alive and kicking.
I have started to cut back on my Ravelry time- but I sure do like learning so much from others.
And getting to share what I know is fun too.
We also have worked the garden soil and even planted some stuff.......
will post about that soon too. I am keeping a positive outlook for it ALL>
Corn, pumpkins, watermelon, cucumbers,tomatoes, lots of zucchini ( 2 bushing varieties and one vining), nasturtiums and marigolds too......all started from seeds......the tomatoes and the marigolds are not progressing very much- not sure why- especially the tomatoes.. might not be warm enough yet for them is all I can figure. Marigolds are in too shallow of a soil I think ( egg cartons... done trying with those! ) OH and radishes- they went in first.. and Love in a Mist too- those are in the front- so nearly forgot them.

That's it for now- have a lovely fleece soaking - my first time at washing a sheep's fleece- wish me luck... hoping it will not felt since I have used only cold water. Am worried about too much movement though.... I seem to *need* to move it around. lol

Hope you are well. :)

Monday, 11 August 2008

PICTURE HEAVY Mt Pleasant SACSOS Fibre and Fleece Fair 2008

We had a WONDERFUL time at the Mt. Pleasant SACSOS fibre fair- soooooo much to look at- so much to buy! Oh! if only I were a wealthy woman......
It was a mixed bag for the weather- windy with sunshine, rain, and hail even! We even managed to luck out with a non-rainy period so we could walk around Hahndorf ( a small town that boasts its German heritage) a little bit! We weren't in the right area for the sweets shop that carries US imports- darn it all ( Thanks again Robbie, for telling me about them)- but we did spend a long time in a clock shop.
RJ loves clocks and I love cuckoo clocks- this shop had lots of all kinds of nice clocks. We didn't purchase anything in the town as we were out of cash after the Fibre fair and the bakery ( called Lobethal Bakery- but we were in Woodside- !?!) we hit for breakfast - $2.20 for one choc. iced yeast donut! Plus nearly $3.00 each for a slice of apple strudel ( for DH ) and a danish pastry type thing that had dollop of apricot preserve in the middle for me. PLUS! loaf of onion and herb bread that was worth every cent of it's over $4.00 price tag. Crazy crazy crazy!!
But oh well- it's only once a year-ish!

Anyway- first person we bought from was Suzie Horne- she has Finnish Landrace- she was very low- not alot of choice this year- as the Littlehampton event cleaned her out pretty well....she even remembered us from LAST year- and we only talked with her- didn't get a chance to buy anything! She especially remembered RJB- that pleased me. :)
If you have not had the chance to touch Finn wool for yourself, please do ! You will love it I bet! It is VERY soft. I am continually amazed. I think it is my favourite fibre to date. Here are the photos for our goodies from Suzie's stand:

Below is a close up of some of the dyed Finn from Suzie.
Below are the two rovings- the purple is more pinky purple than this and the gold is more pale than this- but this is the best I could get out of my camera! lol

Here is the best photo of the green shades Dh bought:

Then we visited with, and bought lots from, Kathy Baschiera who has batts that she cards up- they are FABULOUS. Got some of those, then I went silly - RJB picked out a handpainted roving from Kathy ( in pinks and blues and purples!!!!!!! go figure!?) and I got several, will write them out with their pictures.
I have a goal to own one of each of the 17 colourways she does- eventually! lol
Here are some photos of what was brought home:
Above is one of 4 of tri-colour batts she did up HOT PINK, green, and gold. I'm a sucker for bright happy colours. Can't wait to see how this spins up.

Below you will find a few pics of the dark green batts she did with some Glitz fibre added in.

I LOOOO_OOOVE to touch this and photograph this- it is so soft and shiny and sparkly..*sigh* wish I'd gotten more... you can also see to the left of the green is a light bright sky blue- it is beautiful. IF I can get a picture of it to come up true I will post it. All that I took were no where near as pretty as it is in real life. This tiny peek is closer than I could get with any 'single' shots.

OK- and here are my real heart racers- the rovings...

This pic above shows the whole group- below you will see individuals of all but the pink/purple one.. that wouldn't photograph purple for me- just BLUE... so this is the best picture of that.

Above is one that was an experimental colourway she and her friend Hazel created called "Daffodil". She wants more yellow in it so this group she made was a one off thing. I *had* to have one! :) Below is "Flowering Gum". Brilliant name- brilliant colourway. I 'heart' it. :)

The above one is called "Outback"- fell in love with that one and Flowering Gum when I saw them at the Heart of the Hills market in Lobethal.

Below is one called- "Sharon"! Can you believe it?! I was bold and asked her a few weeks ago if she would ever try a yellow and red/rust/burgundy colour - and she did! And then when we arrive at the stand she shows it to me- and my name on it!!!! I was so embarrassed and flabbergasted as the same time! lol It was/is very flattering to have a roving colourway named after you... never in a million years did i think that would happen! (I hope she sold out. If not I will have to have more...) I really do hope it was well liked- I know I love the colours. I love where the yellow and the reddish colour on the lower edge of the picture. Just brilliant. ( Thanks Kathy- I am well and truly spoiled now! )

THEN! - THEN! I went over to the Lucinvale Farm stand and found more of FINN...... had some dyed locks i loved so got them -

and a bag of cream/white finn and a caramel colour I have not seen before- ohhh the pictures can't do justice to the perfect caramel colour of this fleece. The photos:
Above is the bag of white Finn- below is a lock taken from the bag. So SOFT.

And here is the caramel coloured one that I wrote about earlier, although it really doesn't show the right colour here- the ends of the locks are more what the colour is in sunlight:

We looked around a bit more only to find approx. 500g of white alpaca for $2! It felt nice and soft and seemed pretty nice for that! Not much VM in the one I chose!

THEN Richard bought a fleece for $4.....not sure what is 'wrong' with it- other than I think it might be last years shearing. From Eagleview Farm- it wasn't her fleece though- she was selling it from some she had from someone else- but it is 1.9 k of border x merino! Here's a peek:

Didn't even look at the Bennett and Gregor this year. Didn't seem to have alot in the spinning fibres- just the huge felting batts and yarns. RJB also got a little plastic canvas lolly bird ( had a lollipop in it's "beak"...) - it's cute.

Then with all of RJ's urging-it was off to Melba's. It was a success as RJ found his beloved construction vehicle toy with a chocolate bulldozer taped on! :) This time was a 'plow' sort of thing. Not sure what it actually is- but he loves it.

Hope you enjoyed the post and

hope you are well.

Saturday, 9 August 2008

Happy August! Some Yarny Goodness

A quick update before I go to get ready for a journey to Mt. Pleasant-

Here are some photos of recently spun yarns- all done on spindles with the "ply on the fly" method.. Most are from Jane's store and then there is my show of my first attempt at ply on the fly with some merino from Mandie's store. Oh, and some alpaca from Walking Wheel Studio, here in SA. ( No website as of this date...)

I am quite pleased with all of them and after posting them here I want to attempt putting them on Ravelry- where you can find me under
" Twirlygig ". I have not tried to post anything there picture-wise. But would love to be able to smart enough to figure it out! lol

We are off to Mt Pleasant for a SACSOS event- SA Coloured Sheep Owners Society. I hope to come home with a few nice raw fleeces and lots from Kathy B. And maybe if I have any left some Finnish Landrace (Finn) from Suzie Horne. I can never get to her stuff- well that's not true- last year I could- but it was too dark in the building to see! lol
Hoping this year will be better - lights-wise. RJB has had a terrible cold this whole last week....... every night he's woken up several times and sometimes not able to go back to sleep, etc.... it's been a long week. He is doing better this day. So guess we will venture out- He is looking forward to going to Melba's choc. factory which is up that way. Free samples of some of their products and chocolate and toys..a child's dream! lol They have FAB choc. covered coffee beans. But I reckon I have already talked about them so won't go on.
Without further ado - here are the yarns.

The grey yarn above is the Alpaca. The picture isn't quite big enough to really see the colours in it-will have to try to post a larger picture again later. Below are two small skeins of EL ( English Leicester) Moseley Wool- done in the "Peacock" colourway.

Above are the two skeins of 'peacock' - and one of the EL locks spun in the "sunset" colourway.

Below is the bag of roving/top that I am currently spinning- plus a finished skein in the "Sapphire" colourway- dyed over a grey EL base. Really soft! It was a surprise for me- as the roving itself feels quite firm and somewhat coarse- but has spun up very nicely. I am SO pleased and recommend the tops! And last, but certainly not least- is 100% merino, the Mind in Motion colourway from Mandie- it is soft and squishy and was so fun to spin- it was my first attempt at doing the "Ply on the Fly" method (the top twist/skein is the very first). The more I did it- the thinner my 3 ply has become-a slightly more useable yarn... more yardage anyway! lol
Here is the roving from which it came:

OK! I am off......

Hope you are well. :)

Monday, 14 July 2008

Completed Projects Sharing Time

Here are some photos of items I have made and one of my Dh's hat he spun and knitted!
Plus a few of some recent additions to my supplies for one who makes yarn. ;)

Firstly, here is a bed doll that I made UMPTEEN years ago ( more than 15 is all I can say....)

well- I made her dress. I love the ruffles and making them is a fun challenge. Not that is it hard to do-but to keep adding them in- it gets more challengining the fuller the dress gets.

Next is Dh's hat... he spun up a Romneyx fleece in the grease ( our first fleece purchase that sat for a year before we actually were able to spin it to do anything with it. ) We carded it on hand carders and he spun it on his Ashford Traditional wheel. I don't know the details of the knitting part at all sorry to say. Hopefully he will write about it one day on his blog or on Ravelry.
But it sure is a nice hat- beautiful variations in that brown fleece.

Now are two pictures are of my shawl I was working on when it was so hot. Finished it in early May I believe it was about when the heat went away- lol- and it has been used ALOT over the last few moths/weeks.

It is made of a commercial mohair/acrylic blend yarn ( hint- if you have to frog this type of fuzzy yarn, it is NOT a fun or useful way to spend your creative time! Frogging is not kind to you or your yarn) using a pattern from a book from the library- by Jean Leinhauser and Rita Weiss. ( I think I spelled their names right. ) It is a really nice pattern to do- diamonds that make up a diamond. The darker peachy picture is the one that is closest to the real colours- but wanted to use the more green-y picture so you can see the pattern well.

Here is my WPI ( wraps per inch) tool my hubby made me.( He is not pleased with the name part- but I like it!)

Makes life much simpler for measuring them- although I am getting pretty good at eyeballing 1" of the yarn without any help. But wouldn't dream of not measuring it properly with a ruler.

The last few pictures are of some superwash roving we stumbled upon at the market in Hahndorf.
One is that vibrant GRAPE purple that just doesn't translate on camera- comes out blue almost always. This comes out purple on my screen- but it is very 'flaring'. But it really does almost hurt your eyes with how bright it is! :)

The other is a combination I can't seem to get enough of- yellow/orange-y rust colour.
To have some nice bright colours in the superwash ( washable wool for those who may be unfamiliar. :) ) is really good. I have not spun any superwash wool yet- either- so am looking forward to that too.
Thanks for looking- hope you are well!

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Happy July!

Not much time for talk- but want to get some pics posted.
First off is the Nyassa roving from EGMTK!
I have photos of it in original form,
opened out,

in progress (sorry it's a bit dark in the photo)

and all 100g (more or less ) of it after being spun on laceweight spindles from Spinsanity that were made just for me. (I am sooo happy I have them. They make me smile so much. I had taken photos but wasn't pleased with them and have not retaken them since. I will soon. )
and then the last photos are of the finished yarn- washed and skeined.

This is really subtle and nice. and soft!

It begs to be used for a project- just don't know what, for now.
It's 160.5 m / 175.6 yds & approx. 11 WPI.

Have more pictures to share-will get them up asap.

Hope you are well. :)