Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Happy July!

Not much time for talk- but want to get some pics posted.
First off is the Nyassa roving from EGMTK!
I have photos of it in original form,
opened out,

in progress (sorry it's a bit dark in the photo)

and all 100g (more or less ) of it after being spun on laceweight spindles from Spinsanity that were made just for me. (I am sooo happy I have them. They make me smile so much. I had taken photos but wasn't pleased with them and have not retaken them since. I will soon. )
and then the last photos are of the finished yarn- washed and skeined.

This is really subtle and nice. and soft!

It begs to be used for a project- just don't know what, for now.
It's 160.5 m / 175.6 yds & approx. 11 WPI.

Have more pictures to share-will get them up asap.

Hope you are well. :)


Rosie said...

Oooh, I love that one. Is Nyassa a 100% Merino, or one of the blends?

Regardless, it still looks gorgeous.

I always have bother trying to decide how to use my handspun yarn though. And worry that I won't have enough.

Sharon B in SA said...

Yes Rosie-
It is one of the 100% merino ones- so soft even at this thin of a yarn!

I am glad you like it. Thanks for commenting, it means alot to me!

Button said...

Wow, that Nyassa is gorgeous! If, can't figure out what to do with could donate it to a poor yarnaholic ;) Those colours are fantastic! Seeing stuff like that gives me the urge to really TRY at the spinning thing!

That shawl is a lovely pattern...I'm looking at doing a shawl in the near future and poking around at patterns.

You are soooo right about frogging mohair. For my sanities sake, I'd rather burn mohair than frog

Thanks for all the lovely pictures!

Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

Lovely spinning!!