Monday, 14 July 2008

Completed Projects Sharing Time

Here are some photos of items I have made and one of my Dh's hat he spun and knitted!
Plus a few of some recent additions to my supplies for one who makes yarn. ;)

Firstly, here is a bed doll that I made UMPTEEN years ago ( more than 15 is all I can say....)

well- I made her dress. I love the ruffles and making them is a fun challenge. Not that is it hard to do-but to keep adding them in- it gets more challengining the fuller the dress gets.

Next is Dh's hat... he spun up a Romneyx fleece in the grease ( our first fleece purchase that sat for a year before we actually were able to spin it to do anything with it. ) We carded it on hand carders and he spun it on his Ashford Traditional wheel. I don't know the details of the knitting part at all sorry to say. Hopefully he will write about it one day on his blog or on Ravelry.
But it sure is a nice hat- beautiful variations in that brown fleece.

Now are two pictures are of my shawl I was working on when it was so hot. Finished it in early May I believe it was about when the heat went away- lol- and it has been used ALOT over the last few moths/weeks.

It is made of a commercial mohair/acrylic blend yarn ( hint- if you have to frog this type of fuzzy yarn, it is NOT a fun or useful way to spend your creative time! Frogging is not kind to you or your yarn) using a pattern from a book from the library- by Jean Leinhauser and Rita Weiss. ( I think I spelled their names right. ) It is a really nice pattern to do- diamonds that make up a diamond. The darker peachy picture is the one that is closest to the real colours- but wanted to use the more green-y picture so you can see the pattern well.

Here is my WPI ( wraps per inch) tool my hubby made me.( He is not pleased with the name part- but I like it!)

Makes life much simpler for measuring them- although I am getting pretty good at eyeballing 1" of the yarn without any help. But wouldn't dream of not measuring it properly with a ruler.

The last few pictures are of some superwash roving we stumbled upon at the market in Hahndorf.
One is that vibrant GRAPE purple that just doesn't translate on camera- comes out blue almost always. This comes out purple on my screen- but it is very 'flaring'. But it really does almost hurt your eyes with how bright it is! :)

The other is a combination I can't seem to get enough of- yellow/orange-y rust colour.
To have some nice bright colours in the superwash ( washable wool for those who may be unfamiliar. :) ) is really good. I have not spun any superwash wool yet- either- so am looking forward to that too.
Thanks for looking- hope you are well!

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Happy July!

Not much time for talk- but want to get some pics posted.
First off is the Nyassa roving from EGMTK!
I have photos of it in original form,
opened out,

in progress (sorry it's a bit dark in the photo)

and all 100g (more or less ) of it after being spun on laceweight spindles from Spinsanity that were made just for me. (I am sooo happy I have them. They make me smile so much. I had taken photos but wasn't pleased with them and have not retaken them since. I will soon. )
and then the last photos are of the finished yarn- washed and skeined.

This is really subtle and nice. and soft!

It begs to be used for a project- just don't know what, for now.
It's 160.5 m / 175.6 yds & approx. 11 WPI.

Have more pictures to share-will get them up asap.

Hope you are well. :)