Sunday, 6 April 2008

All Things in Moderation, My Dear

Well Hello!
It's been ages- not alot to write about really- we had a 2 week heatwave at the beginning of March that I just sat and sweated through mostly. ( We really need to get A/C.) Didn't spin or crochet much even. Still got some fluff from eBay cos well... that's my addiction I guess. I meet the nicest people through fluff buying too. :)
I have, since the heatwave ended, restarted working on my mohair shawl and is nearly finished ( it is a lovely HUGE one! yay! ) and Thursday I started an apron from cotton yarn that RJB picked out from my stash....finished it up on Friday... It worked up quickly and easily- will post the link with a picture of the apron once I get myself together! lol

As for spinning- well- have spun a little alpaca on both my spindle and -the spinning wheel I won from eBay last year..... the biggest problem is that I only have one bobbin apparently! I will need to look properly in the craft room (eeeeek!) as i know it came with carderss and stuff- so maybe there was a lazy kate with bobbins that I don't remember. Otherwise I am thinking I will have to sell it..which is a shame cos I really like it- but it seems my alternative is to pay a woodworker to recreate one from the one I have- and I shudder to think what that would cost! But it was great fun to spin the alpaca on the wheel- so much quicker it is scary! I could see myself happily spinning away for HOURS on this thing and making yarn to sell. I still prefer my drop spindles- but am appreciating the wheel even more now! ;)

Jade- our dog, is not doing the best in the health dept.. We've taken her to the vet - blood in her urine- and they did a urine spec test and then the next visit did blood tests- and even after $300 + or visiting and 'work'- they still don't know what is wrong. They are thinking bladder tumour- but can't say it is for sure. So she is on some medication that is a quarter of a tablet every other day.... she is fine most times..... seems to be sleeping LESS actually..... but she shivers sometimes and still has the blood in the urine-although at times is less than other times. She was first on an antibiotic- but that didn't seem to really help. :(

Yesterday ( Sat April 5) we went to a 'fair' that was put on by Willunga Waldorf School and it was focused on children and showing off their school..... wow! They did a great job- RJB had a wonderful time playing, making a felt ball, had fresh made apple juice, and for me the best part- besides 4 hours in the open fresh air......they had a little children's cafe and as far as we could tell- ALL the food was vegetarian friendly! How cool is that?? It was $2 for a plate that you could choose 3 items from the layout and there was ALOT ALOT ALOT to choose from! We spent $7 to share a curry meal btwn DH and I mostly and felt if we'd spent the same money at the children's cafe that we would've done better! lol
It was a sunny nice day- small breeze, not too hot - not too cool.......
We were not familiar with the Waldorf part of it- but we were impressed by the 'curriculum' that we saw- they really have an emphasis on creativity in learning. Brilliant.
Now- if we can just find a home in Willunga area so we can send RJB there........
as of now it is much too far to drive each day.....and I am not sending my 5 yr old on a bus by himself! ( or 4.5 or whatever age he will be when he starts school......).
He just had the best time playing in the sand with the other children. "School" is going to be a very positive experience for him I believe. If we can get him in there anyway.

The Easter bunny found us too- and you know what we found out?- chocolate and oriental flavoured ramen noodles do NOT taste nice together. ( funny what happens when one is not watching your toddler eat! ) So- all those thoughts of "maybe we could get him to eat if we put chocolate on it".....they can be silenced- it won't work... well- not on oriental ramen noodles anyway!

Now- before I go- I need to explain my title..... in the last few weeks I have been getting 'spammed' on my blog comments.... so I have put my comments on moderation. I will have to approve them before you see them on the blog. I am really sorry for this...if/when the crud are found and the weird posts stop I will go back to normal. But for now.....PLEASE post a reply and write as much as you want...... just know it might be a short while until your post will show up.
It should never be more than 24 hours as I check my hotmail addy daily. :)

Sorry for the long time not writing.....will get back into the swing of things soon I hope - since it is officially Autumn and the clocks have even gone back today. I love cool weather. More each year. I miss snow- ( come on Snow! ).... and I miss green grass and fresh air.

oh By the way-Happy March, Happy Easter, Happy April, and HappyAutumn ( or Spring in the Northern Hemisphere !