Sunday, 3 May 2009

Longtime No Blog

Aw heck!
What can I say?! No excuses offered ( even though I have reasons why I haven't blogged-but who cares in the end, really?)- Ravelry is where I tend to spend most of my online 'free' time- and my blog has suffered.
This weekend we went to the Fiber event in Littlehampton and when Chris *waves to Chris* saw us she mentioned it had been since FEBRUARY (!!) since I blogged! I honestly hadn't realised it had been that long!

I don't have any pictures resized to post today- but will try to get back soon to show off what we brought home at the Adelaide Spinners and Weavers Guild Open day... but it's too close to dinner time to do alot of photo editing and adding.

Suffice to say I've been busy with life in general- have had a few times when I've been feeling pretty crappy- and am currently dealing with pain from a tooth extraction. What a fancy word- extraction. It's been a week and a piece of jawbone did come out with the tooth- but am wondering how long it is to be hurting and when I need to worry things aren't right.

Spinning is still my preferred free time filler and spin whenever I can. I now have a wheel and two spindles on the go with active spinning on them! Nearly every spindle I own has some sort of fiber on them- but mostly are small bits I've spun from leftover singles and there they sit! lol

Next post I will write about yesterday's fiber fun and add pics- and will show a few of RJB- as he is nearing his 5th birthday and is just growing up so fast. We also are going this week to check out a school for him ...... he will need to go starting in June or July I think it is.
It's going to be a rough first few days I think- but we have bought workbooks from the stores and he does them with ease on most things- understanding what i mean before I even explain the instructions and let me tell you- I am one proud momma/mum! Math is going to be so easy for him..... I fear he will outsmart us at grade 3! lol he whizzes through math related things so easily and can read some words as well! His writing is coming along so well- he wouldn't write letters with me when I tried to get him to- but with these write on/wipe off books that I got- he writes the letters and fills in the numbers and all that with ease! The workbooks that I got are more for children in 1-2 grade- and he is still doing them so easily. And MAZES- he can do those so quickly with no or very few mistakes it is awe inspiring! I reckon I sound a bit of a mother peahen about him - but for all the times people have expressed concern about his not being in school *yet*... I think he is going to show everyone that he is s.m.a.r.t! ;)
It's the social part of it and leaving me/us that is going to be the challenge- as most children do have day care experience while ours has been spoiled and raised with me and not away from me.
It's pretty overwhelming at times- but I am proud to be a SAHM! ANd Ideally I would like to continue that or be a WAHM. ( Yarn anyone!?) but one thing at a time- let's get DS in school and settled. We've done ok this far and believe things will be good for us after he goes to school as well.

OK- off to get things around for dinner/tea. Thanks for reading!
If you are on Ravelry- I am Twirlygig ( if you don't know it already! lol) and have way too much posted there for you to read if you want to look me up and read my posts! ;)
I also Twitter under the same name- let me know if you Twitter too- follow me! I do have my tweets protected so I don't have to deal with s p a m too much.....but if you just let me know who you are I will be glad to have you follow me and I will follow you! ( strains of John Denver's "Follow Me" are playing in my mind now...... bless him.)

Hope all is well!