Friday, 29 February 2008

Happy Leap Year Day!

Is that right- is that what we 'd call this day?? Anyway- happy 29th of Feb- which only happens once every 4 years so I couldn't let the day go by without saying something!

Currently we all 3 have a cold- I say "a cold" because it is the SAME cold all shared among us.
I was the last to get it..... RJ has fared the best- the young whippersnapper! ;)

Not alot getting done craft -wise- no spinning even though we have been having cooler weather-
working on another shawl on a pattern I just LOVE....will share that when it is all done. I did a pair of mitts in some leftover acrylic yarn and they turned out cute and very VERY EASY. Now to find some proper colour wool - spin it and make a pair of mitts for my friend Crystal. I told her I would make a pair- from a different pattern than the one I tried- I think this is a better one- but haven't gotten myself together. And now that the first day of Australian Autumn is about to hit us ( tomorrow)- the temps are set to go up into the low - mid 30's- which is in the high 80's low 90's for the Fahrenheit crowd. I am so ready for summer to be gone, thank you.

OK better go,
thanks for reading.

Hope you are well!

Monday, 18 February 2008

Boiled Eggs!

OK- I have one of those TNT ( tried and true) kitchen hints I just HAVE to share....

Want this done easily?

Then try this!

Once your eggs have boiled and have cooled enough to handle them at least- pour off any remaining cooking water and then put/hold the lid on tightly and >>>> SHAKE <<<<>
The shells you see empty in there are the shells of 4 eggs- two of which had only a fews specks of shell to rinse off- and the other two barely had their shells clinging to them when I picked them up! :)

Try it yourself next time- meanwhile I am heading back to make egg salad for our dinner tonight- it is 35° c here today! This chicky is NOT cooking! ( Well- just to boil the eggs which i did earlier when it was cooler in the house....)

Take care and let me know if you try this hint and how it works for you-please??

Hope you are well.

Saturday, 16 February 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Wishing you the happiest, sweetest day ever!
(ok- I'm 2 days late....sorry! I really do/did mean it! :) )

Hope you are well!

Saturday, 9 February 2008

At the Speed of Light!

Lordy! How fast can the days go by?
I didn't even get to wish anyone a Happy February and it was past the time when Punxatawny Phil was to prognosticate the coming of Spring ( Or 6 more weeks of winter- which was the case this year... good Phil! ) - we missed it by a mere 20 mins or so- but in our time it was *late* in the pm of the 3rd of Feb!
I still didn't get photos taken of my alapaca fluff ( I think the site is back up though- ) - and have now worked and FINISHED ( woo hoo! nothing like a 'deadline' [I prefer to call them finish lines] to keep you moving ) an art yarn contribution to the "Circle of Wagons" spin Challenge issued by Pluckyfluff to benefit a sick friend in Florida, USA named Holly ( or HollyEQQ) who happens to be a very good friend of my friend Mandie of Ewe Give Me the Knits!

I will give more details on what I am talking about soon- but for now want to try to get photos downloaded on my blog so you can see the yarn before the challenge is over! ( Ends Feb. 9, 2008 in USA time for entries, but voting is the next day....).
All entries are available for viewing at The Yarn Museum and voting for your 'favourite' is at Pluckyfluff's Blog on Sunday the 10th of Feb,2008.
Then all the yarns created are going up for auction at Sandy's website ( another friend in the USA ) with the money raised to be given to Holly to help with her expenses to get well again!

The 'theme' was "Circle the Wagons" - which is the phrase being used to show Holly how we fibre folks ( and everyone who loves them!) are bringing ourselves all in a circle to help her 'defend/fend off ' her illness. Just like the Pioneers of yesteryear did against threats to their wagon trains and their well-being. Hope I explained that right/ well enough.
I think it is an awesome effort and am glad to be a part of it all.
There is lots to see and buy at Sandy's website to help Holly. Please go take a look!

So here is my entry:

This is my first attempt at 'Art Yarn' and found it to be challenging yet fun!
I've named the yarn "Smoke Signals for Holly"- messages of health and well being sent to her from the fibre community- even all the way from Australia!
The first singles is a 100% merino roving that was dyed by Mandie of Ewe Give Me The Knits!, then for the the plying singles I've used shades of brown wool which represent the wood of the fire & of the wagons, as well as the earth- then added in some polar fleece 'indian blankets", white wool for puffs of smoke, and some cantalope ( Rockmelon) coloured merino for the 'lick of fire' . ( Don't worry - I always put the smoke puffs between the 'fire' and the blankets! lol!)
It's over 63 yds. / 57 mtrs and weighs 2.25 oz/ 65 grms.

and here are some other photos of it, to give a better view:

Two of the 'raw' ingredients:

While it is still on the niddy noddy, waiting to then be measured and weighed:

By RJB's wagon:

The finished 'artwork':

and here is RJB posing with the ingredients...

( hey- had to get him in here somehow-right? LOL! He has decided every photo being taken really should have him in it somehow! lol)

Thanks for looking- if you see this in time- go vote for mine!

Hope you are WELL.