Friday, 24 February 2012

Happier Post

Since it's been so long since I had posted before the last not so happy post- you'd think I would have so much to write and tell. Not so. Well- not to my mind so much.
It's summer- it's already 25C/80F in the house.(at 6 in the morning!) It's been hot this summer- not so many days of over 35C but we have had a few bouts of around 35C and it stays warm at night (in the 80's- fine for a deacde but not so fine for a night temperature!) and is just hot hot hot outside- and in. I am VERY thankful it hasn't reached 40C too much this year. Enough about the weather- let me just say I am ready for summer to leave and cooler temps come back.

DS is in Class 2 at school. This year is more like 'school' than the previous years. They are even learning to write in cursive this year! ( Wasn't I in, like, 4th or 5th grade before I learned that!?) It is very interesting how Waldorf schools teach/help children learn.
I recommend it.
( I don't like the forced socialization of the adults/families, but that's me. Most others seem to enjoy it. But as far as learning goes- I couldn't ask for more/better by the end of the year!)

Still spinning and crocheting. Not as much as I'd like.
Still disorganised and messy- at this age I am wondering if I will ever be neat. I aspire to it- is that good or bad?

I am still homesick on a daily basis. Some days I think I am just tree-sick- or greenery-sick. The train station is horrifically moving along as they plan. And the govt. has decided to turn the fields below Seaford into more suburbia- and many trees lost their lives for a new $18 million overpass at McLaren Vale. We needed to do something about the clogged T junction there- but this answer is extreme. UNLESS you are the govt. and knew in advance that you were intending on eradicating one of the major drawcards to the south- the green area. It is my firm belief they knew more than 10 yrs ago they were going to do all this. However what they 'promised' was no more urban sprawl beyond Seaford. They'd fill in and not extend building any further South. So they have filled in alright- again at the expense of Nature and healthy living spaces. And they are not 'technically' going much more south than "Seaford" because they just keep renaming the areas built to be "Seaford SOMETHING"-Seaford Heights, Seaford Meadows, Seaford Esates...
Of course we won't mention all the housing (read: tiny houses on virtually NO land all packed together like sardines in a tin...)they have not only allowed to be built in Seaford and the northern areas from us, but also McLaren Vale, McLaren Flat, Aldinga/Aldinga Beach ( horrific for sure!), Mt Compass, even Victor Harbor can't escape the grip and greediness of the govt. and the developers. I complain- but the real losers are the animals. The kangaroos and koalas are being pushed out. Well- road kill for the 'roos... there aren't many Koalas anymore because there are virtually no trees and they apparently just move on and don't try to live with humans and their stupid ways.
Hmm...... I thought this was a happier post??
Let me see.....
happy... happy....
oh- I know! Fruit has been very lovely and affordable this summer! Mmmmm.
Coming into apple and pear time now. And some oranges too. But I'm not buying those yet- we will have all winter to eat them- I am sticking with peaches, nectarines, apricots, strawberries, and melons! Oh - and grapes! Goodness the grapes are lovely this year too!- until we can't get those in season anymroe ( Nothing has beat how nice the peaches were this year overall though! We've eaten several kilos over the last two months!) :)
There! Something to smile about.

Hope you are well.

Monday, 13 February 2012

A New Year- 2012

I am missing Skylar.
Needed somewhere to write it. Here it is.