Sunday, 30 September 2007

Sunday at 1:30 pm

Trying to get RJB down for a nap- don't think it is going to work- but we are trying.
He wants to go geocaching- and it is nice day for it- slightly overcast with a breeze.
I finally finished plying my Forever Young 2 singles. I chose a blue mohair type commercial yarn. New way for me. Then I tried a new method of plying- which was to hold the single/yarn together and then spin... I would say it was a WHOLE lot easier and result wasn't too bad!
I got the whole thing onto my Turkish spindle- but let me tell you- JUST!
I will put a photo up asap of it. It's a bit gloomy for photos-but will try it soon anyway- then add it in here:

Let's see- what else to tell you?
Oh- still not email for isurf.
Did I mention we at least have heard from the new company that has taken them over?
They have an automated email that sends out every time we try email to see if it is finally fixed...
it is as big a load of crap as anything isurf ever wrote - so I am not thrilled- PLUS they took out the $25. for service with them! How can that be legal!?
But hopefully this first week of the month will see us with our email back. (Fingers crossed.)
I need to tell you about my trip to Bella Head's Walking Wheel Studio a few weekends ago. What a wonderful lady! We spent a goodly amount of time there but it flew by in minutes! We came away with a bunch of wool rovings in plain colours- a bag of some suri alpaca that is like BUTTAH!, and a whole new respect for the art of weaving. She is so talented and so nice. Am so-o-o looking forward to a trip back. It's only about 20 mins or so up the road.
I have already used some of the tops from Bella and some from Mandie to make a Bird of Paradise yarn. :)
I need to ply it, then will take pics.

We also got a big bag of rovings from Mandie over the last few weeks- will post pics. as they are spun.

We are really getting into the spring fever- we have planted and harvested radishes already. Then planted cucumber seeds in the front garden- and in the back - sunflowers! Yesterday the soil got turned for the corn- and today we planted corn seeds! :)
Pics to come of that boys working hard outside in the dirt! ( I was inside- as usual- making dinner. I like to cook- but sometimes....)

OK- well- he didn't settle and the time to cache is at hand- so must go for now. Will edit the pic in later and write again when possible.

Hope you are well!

Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Me want COOKIE!!

You Are Cookie Monster
Misunderstood as a primal monster, you're a true hedonist with a huge sweet tooth.
You are usually feeling: Hungry. Cookies are preferred, but you'll eat anything if cookies aren't around.
You are famous for: Your slightly crazy eyes and usual way of speaking
How you life your life: In the moment. "Me want COOKIE!"

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

You Are NOT Going to Believe This!


This is so unbelievable- if it were anyone else's life I'd say they really had some bad luck in their corner!
Not only do we still not have isurf email access-but now my hotmail is unavailable as well!
^ ^

Plus....... my sister is able to ( normally, anyway) get email to my hotmail addy and I am replying but she is not getting my emails from there!
Man oh man.
Really- how much NON- communication crap can fall on one person who loves to communicate so much??!? WHAT exactly is the Universe telling me? Move on- get a life? Or something like "HA!" ?
I am remaining thankful for the ability to post here. However, if you don't see me here for a few days- you will know why!!!!!!!!!! lol

On a positive note-

This is a photo from a place called "Richardson's Gardens" . Not too far away.
This is wisteria - and oh.... it smelled so sweet and was full of happy little bees. It's too early in spring for much else to be blooming-but this was worth the trip.

And yesterday we planted out seedlings for green and yellow wax beans- and some peas...have had the seedlings awhile waiting for the right weather to happen- am hoping this is good timing as they were starting to look pretty sad. How do garden centers keep them so nice??

Hope you are well, and able to communicate.

addendum: Hotmail is available again. As an aside- at one point I couldn't get into my yahoo! account for email either- that was very quick- but still! LOL!

Sunday, 23 September 2007

Do You Accept Cookies?

(Title is in reference to the error notice we get once in awhile, that our computer won't allow cookies.... it does.. and so do we....)

Lookee what we made today!

These are butter cookies- meant to be rolled in powdered (icing) sugar after done baking- but we couldn't bring ourselves to do that to them!

We had two cookie sheets FULL to the brim- there are only 3 left from one sheet ( well they *are* wee little things...) and the other sheet didn't get touched....yet... LOL

This is the 'after' baking of the above group...

and here is one up close - isn't that neat?

(There are walnuts in there too- that's the tan bits you might notice.) :)

I think I may have enjoyed the outcome,visually, more than anyone else in the house. LOL

Hope you had a good weekend and you are well.

It's Sunday

Normally I am so excited about Sundays I can hardly stand it- because of the updates at EGMTK! - but this week everything seems dulled. My enthusiasm is not all that great for much of anything. I am not sure I can blame losing Lovey as the reason- although it may have been the kickstart. Seems it doesn't take much for me to get bummed out....
anyone else like that? Sometimes I think I need to go ask the Dr. about it- but other times I think that with all the crap that has happened in the last 5 years that it would be 'ok' to have times of depression. But at the same time I know- totally- that mostly what I have faced is nothing compared to the struggles (daily) that others endure. I place some of the blame on my being HSP- but some of it I fear may just be crazy-ness.
Ah well- I reckon I am not hurting anyone. I still do my daily duties- albeit not real well- but no one is neglected. Burnt Toast.

I have an idea for something I would like to try regarding spinning as a group project- but feel I don't have alot of influence to make it happen- but guess I will just run it passed DH and see what he thinks and then run it passed the internet eyes.

Must go-life beckons.

Hope you are well.

Thursday, 20 September 2007

Rest in Peace, Lovey

She really disliked having her photo taken- so it is with respect and fond memory that I post this photo of Lovey.

She was euthanised this morning- crossing over peacefully in seconds- Richard holding her. I stayed at home with RJB - we felt it would be easier to explain her not coming back from the animal drs. in a day's time rather than right away. He knows something is up with her though- because we are tearful and rather quiet.
Next time you have some Doritos, potato chips, or sour cream- give a thought for Lovey- some of her favourite things to eat were these.....she would just about knock you down for the salty snacks, and she had a penchant for chocolate, too. :) Cheeky girl.
We will miss you Lovey Dove.

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Wed.Sept.19,2007~ 15 days and counting.....

no news other than the title on the isurf front- still no email service- but thankfully no disruption of online service but that one day.

Mandie has made a place (a group blog) where anyone who has purchased from her, can show others what they have done. So I have added my yarns to the list.....

Will add the link asap- right now we are having animal is being very unfriendly to the cat. *sigh*

**** link added****
Dog and cat sorted- think the cat is going to have to go to the vets tomorrow- and I am not sure she will be coming back. :( She eats well but is skinny as a rail, fur is getting mangier and mangier, we've been having problems with her not going the litter box to do her 'things'......and she is walking very poorly, esp. in the last two days. Also is deaf and blind....which has happened over the last few months gradually too.
But yet she soldiers on and we weren't sure if she might rally...but it has become apparent this evening that perhaps a visit to the vet is in order.....she is something like 22 yrs old....
so it's hard to give up on her- can't expect her to do a jitterbug or anything.......
but yet you don't want her to be suffering either.... she's always been a bit of a cranky thing. So her aloofness of late wasn't worrying until just the last few days.
Her bowels and kidneys are working just fine...and like I said- her appetite is real good- so maybe there is something else wrong that they will be willing or able to help her with....
am not looking forward to dealing with the issue of Lovey being gone with RJB. He will likely deal with it better than DH or I will....... update as we know things.

Hope things are good in your life and you are well.

Sunday, 16 September 2007

Happy Birthday Kelly!

We may be far apart and it may be more than a year since we talked..........but I will never ever forget that this is your special day.

Wishing you a life filled with all the happiness your heart can hold and then some!
Would love to call you - please be in contact with me any way you can.

Missing you.
Wishing you so much joy and love.

Friday, 14 September 2007

Things CAN Get Worse, You Know...

OK- they took away our internet access completely for 24+ hours! :(


But thank gosh it's back!
{waving to everyone}


I have lots and lots and LOTs of pictures to show you- but it is getting very late. So will try to get some in tomorrow. For now- here's a sneak preview:

Forever Young 2 ( hand dyed 100% Merino roving from Mandie/ Ewe Give Me The Knits! )
(above) Before :

(below) After :)

Oh and yes- no- there is still no email available through the account. Maybe Monday?

Hope you are well.

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

This Is Just Not Right!

Well- here it is- technically EIGHT (8) days later- no mail.
Thankfully I *did* set up that hotmail account- but it's still not right. Anyone know anything about Consumer Rights in Australia??
This is the most annoying thing- they aren't answering the phone! I mean- they don't even let you leave a message because it either cuts off or...get this- the voice mails are FULL!!!!
Gee- you think maybe some others are mighty unhappy too?? They boast about their customer support availability and their commitment to keeping their customers 100% happy.......yeah RIGHT!!!!
Anyway- enough of that.
Sunday night was very nice- there wasn't the HUGE frenzy- just a small frenzy for the Sunday Night Update at "Ewe Give Me the Knits!" and we came away relatively unscathed. 1 roving each if I play nicely ( cos I really like them both ) - but then later I decided I wanted one other one- so added it to my order...because the colourway is quite similar to one that I already own ( but haven't spun yet) and am hoping it will be 200g of yarn that will allow me a bigger project.
I have several in mind- but they all take more like 300g to make- yardage would vary because the patterns use a commercial yarn and mine def. is NOT... for better or worse.
I did start spinning my Nyassa roving on my Twinsanity spindle ( yes- I still need to tell you about this wonderful experience.). If you love doing laceweight yarns on a spindle you simply must check out Shannon's artwork. She painted two flower spindles for me- and if we can work out a way to make mid-weight ones- ( i need to talk with her- but with no decent email- I am putting it she is SUPER busy she has two shops interested in selling her spindles besides her own etsy store and an upcoming "meet Shannon in person" event at some craft show I believe she wrote to me...don't hold me to that detail... but i am so excited for her and so proud! She is a WAHM and deserves your support for a fabulous product that is beautiful and/humourous [one spindle she painted with a sheep caught in a spiderweb! too cute!]- and all made by her. She even hand sands them when she works on them passed 9 pm at night so her electric tools don't bother the neighbours! How cool is she?? ) - I will def. have more of her artwork. I am flower fanatic and nothing would make me happier than to have a whole bouquet of them. ( And they are affordable too!).

On another positive note- my brother Randy called me today from Hawaii! :) He is in Maui and having a grand time.....he even went para sailing!OMG! I can't wait to talk with him on a better connection than we had...... he's gone snorkeling too and will be attending a luau on Friday!
He says it is really beautiful there and much quieter than the main/big island. Having pretty nice weather too- what more can you ask for in a vacation holiday?

Am watching the mail- any day now I hope to be receiving a surprise from the folks at "Yarn" magazine..... I won something for being a person who posted a comment the day they reached 20 thousand hits on the blog. :)
I am nearly like a child at Christmas... can you imagine what amazing goodies they could hand out from a YARN based/focused magazine!?! I will keep you posted on what it is once it has arrived.

OK- better go- I do have lots of photos to take and post. Hoping for later today for taking- maybe tomorrow for posting.

Hope you are well!

Sunday, 9 September 2007

Second Verse, Same as the First

Yes- we have no email. We have no-o email today....
( sung to the tune of "yes-we have no bananas" just in case you were wondering.)

Waiting (im)patiently for Mandie to list her new's a Sunday night ritual now...
I want YELLOW!

Hope you are well.

Saturday, 8 September 2007

Ditto From Yesterday

Still no mail.
I am guessing we pay for the internet time and the mailboxes are 'free' so we can't really complain...but MAN! I am so glad I do NOT have an online business that requires me to have email contact.

Not happy Jan.

Hope you are well.

Friday, 7 September 2007

And Still Nothing...

I am trying to think positive- at least I have web access. I am sure hoping they get it all done by tonight- or else we likely won't have email all weekend.

On a positive note- I am going to get some pics taken today- so hope to get them downloaded this afternoon for you to see what all has been happening fibre-wise at my house. :)

Until later-
Hope you are well.

Thursday, 6 September 2007


Well! I couldn't Bl***y send you an email to wish it to you privately- so I am going to shout it out LOUD here....HAPPY BIRTHDAY MANDIE!
I hope you don't mind that I announced it here. I will delete the post if you'd like- you just tell me-ok?
But I couldn't miss the chance to wish one of the most amazing woman/Goddess persons I know a very Happy Birthday on this very special occasion.

I *will* make it up to you- expect it when you least expect it! ;)

Wishing you sunshine smiles and laughter to fill your heart and home.

Blessed Be!

Still Nothing

Sorry no mail in or out again today.

Hope you are well.

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Strike that! Now rewind.....

You know how I am often saying about how I can't send out my mail?
Well - now they are meant to be working on upgrading the system (the last one didn't seem to make a difference to my untrained consumer eye.....)- so I cannot send OR receive any emails! :(

Thankfully I am able to blog about it here.

Randy- BonVoyage for your trip to Hawaii.....
Shannon- I sent a note- the spindles arrived- hope you got that before it all went floop! ( Much more on that later! )
Mandie- Hi! :) I want that bunny top you put on your site today!!
Crystal and Donna- I sent you both a quick email around noon my time, hope you got/get it.
Christine- (Yarn about Yarn)- I love what you have been up to lately- you are so creative I can't stand it! So much talent in one person!
Cathie in WA, AU- feel better soon! I can't believe you missed the last update..... I wondered why flower shower didn't go! ( you still might be able to get it - look under hand dyeds on Mandie's site.) What is that 'pea flower' in hot pink/orange on your Father's Day blog entry-PLEASE?? I have read the name - but it hasn't stuck..... I love it -I want to grow it! Those are my kinda colours! :D

I have photos that need to be taken- of Fo's, yarn, spindles.... lotsa fiber stuff... flowers/plants
I am so behind. This trying to keep on top of the housework stinks! :(

Hope you are well. (and can email in and out!)

Sunday, 2 September 2007

Did I Really Say That?

Or ........."Things a Mother Will Say to Get Her Child to Eat"..... lol

I cannot believe I actually- I kid you not! - said the following line to my 3 yr old son to get him to eat his brussel sprouts two nights ago-

"Hey! You know what? If you eat these- you will fart lots tomorrow!"

and you know what? It worked- he ate several bites - probably equivalent to 2 whole ones!


I guess you just gotta do what you gotta do! ;)

( and yes- I reminded him yesterday when said sounds emitted from his bottom- 'that' was because he ate his sprouts! Think he'll remember for the next time??)

Hope you are well.

Saturday, 1 September 2007

Happy September!

A small spot in our front garden- the bright orange is Pigface, a purple Primrose, and some yellow Calendula ( old blooms)- the small yellow flowers at the top left are soursobs. One of my favourite SA weeds! :)

Hope you are well.