Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Strike that! Now rewind.....

You know how I am often saying about how I can't send out my mail?
Well - now they are meant to be working on upgrading the system (the last one didn't seem to make a difference to my untrained consumer eye.....)- so I cannot send OR receive any emails! :(

Thankfully I am able to blog about it here.

Randy- BonVoyage for your trip to Hawaii.....
Shannon- I sent a note- the spindles arrived- hope you got that before it all went floop! ( Much more on that later! )
Mandie- Hi! :) I want that bunny top you put on your site today!!
Crystal and Donna- I sent you both a quick email around noon my time, hope you got/get it.
Christine- (Yarn about Yarn)- I love what you have been up to lately- you are so creative I can't stand it! So much talent in one person!
Cathie in WA, AU- feel better soon! I can't believe you missed the last update..... I wondered why flower shower didn't go! ( you still might be able to get it - look under hand dyeds on Mandie's site.) What is that 'pea flower' in hot pink/orange on your Father's Day blog entry-PLEASE?? I have read the name - but it hasn't stuck..... I love it -I want to grow it! Those are my kinda colours! :D

I have photos that need to be taken- of Fo's, yarn, spindles.... lotsa fiber stuff... flowers/plants
I am so behind. This trying to keep on top of the housework stinks! :(

Hope you are well. (and can email in and out!)


Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

Hi! Ill do a post tommorow and add those missing bits!

Mandie said...

I wondered why you were quiet!!
I hope they get their 'problem' fixed soon.
Look forward to catching up soon :-)

Christine said...

Thanks Sharon,
But I still can't spin!

Sharon said...

HUGS to you all for writing!
I am going crazy- it is continuing on this morning- nearly 9:30 am!