Sunday, 23 September 2007

Do You Accept Cookies?

(Title is in reference to the error notice we get once in awhile, that our computer won't allow cookies.... it does.. and so do we....)

Lookee what we made today!

These are butter cookies- meant to be rolled in powdered (icing) sugar after done baking- but we couldn't bring ourselves to do that to them!

We had two cookie sheets FULL to the brim- there are only 3 left from one sheet ( well they *are* wee little things...) and the other sheet didn't get touched....yet... LOL

This is the 'after' baking of the above group...

and here is one up close - isn't that neat?

(There are walnuts in there too- that's the tan bits you might notice.) :)

I think I may have enjoyed the outcome,visually, more than anyone else in the house. LOL

Hope you had a good weekend and you are well.


Rosie said...

Yep! I accept cookies too.

They look gorgeous, and very colourful. I'm surprised they stay around long enough for you to photograph them. The vultures would have been circling wildly here, you'd only see crumbs five minutes later.

You should also be getting an email on my behalf too - so look out for it. :-)

Mandie said...