Wednesday, 12 September 2007

This Is Just Not Right!

Well- here it is- technically EIGHT (8) days later- no mail.
Thankfully I *did* set up that hotmail account- but it's still not right. Anyone know anything about Consumer Rights in Australia??
This is the most annoying thing- they aren't answering the phone! I mean- they don't even let you leave a message because it either cuts off or...get this- the voice mails are FULL!!!!
Gee- you think maybe some others are mighty unhappy too?? They boast about their customer support availability and their commitment to keeping their customers 100% happy.......yeah RIGHT!!!!
Anyway- enough of that.
Sunday night was very nice- there wasn't the HUGE frenzy- just a small frenzy for the Sunday Night Update at "Ewe Give Me the Knits!" and we came away relatively unscathed. 1 roving each if I play nicely ( cos I really like them both ) - but then later I decided I wanted one other one- so added it to my order...because the colourway is quite similar to one that I already own ( but haven't spun yet) and am hoping it will be 200g of yarn that will allow me a bigger project.
I have several in mind- but they all take more like 300g to make- yardage would vary because the patterns use a commercial yarn and mine def. is NOT... for better or worse.
I did start spinning my Nyassa roving on my Twinsanity spindle ( yes- I still need to tell you about this wonderful experience.). If you love doing laceweight yarns on a spindle you simply must check out Shannon's artwork. She painted two flower spindles for me- and if we can work out a way to make mid-weight ones- ( i need to talk with her- but with no decent email- I am putting it she is SUPER busy she has two shops interested in selling her spindles besides her own etsy store and an upcoming "meet Shannon in person" event at some craft show I believe she wrote to me...don't hold me to that detail... but i am so excited for her and so proud! She is a WAHM and deserves your support for a fabulous product that is beautiful and/humourous [one spindle she painted with a sheep caught in a spiderweb! too cute!]- and all made by her. She even hand sands them when she works on them passed 9 pm at night so her electric tools don't bother the neighbours! How cool is she?? ) - I will def. have more of her artwork. I am flower fanatic and nothing would make me happier than to have a whole bouquet of them. ( And they are affordable too!).

On another positive note- my brother Randy called me today from Hawaii! :) He is in Maui and having a grand time.....he even went para sailing!OMG! I can't wait to talk with him on a better connection than we had...... he's gone snorkeling too and will be attending a luau on Friday!
He says it is really beautiful there and much quieter than the main/big island. Having pretty nice weather too- what more can you ask for in a vacation holiday?

Am watching the mail- any day now I hope to be receiving a surprise from the folks at "Yarn" magazine..... I won something for being a person who posted a comment the day they reached 20 thousand hits on the blog. :)
I am nearly like a child at Christmas... can you imagine what amazing goodies they could hand out from a YARN based/focused magazine!?! I will keep you posted on what it is once it has arrived.

OK- better go- I do have lots of photos to take and post. Hoping for later today for taking- maybe tomorrow for posting.

Hope you are well!

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