Friday, 14 September 2007

Things CAN Get Worse, You Know...

OK- they took away our internet access completely for 24+ hours! :(


But thank gosh it's back!
{waving to everyone}


I have lots and lots and LOTs of pictures to show you- but it is getting very late. So will try to get some in tomorrow. For now- here's a sneak preview:

Forever Young 2 ( hand dyed 100% Merino roving from Mandie/ Ewe Give Me The Knits! )
(above) Before :

(below) After :)

Oh and yes- no- there is still no email available through the account. Maybe Monday?

Hope you are well.


Rosie said...

TWENTY FOUR hours of no Internet! That's plain nasty!!!

I'd be looking elsewhere, after all the bother your ISP is putting you through.

Sharon said...

OH Rosie- it was AWFUL- just awful! {sob}
Seriously though- it is actually sad how much I rely on my internet- to keep in touch, to know the weather forecast ( not that they actually get it right very often but still....), for patterns - I was going to try to crochet something since i didn't have the 'net and my hand was tired of spinning- and darn it all if the pattern I wanted wasn't online! LOL I hadn't saved it for offline reading either! OY!
I would like to get something else- but we have a 2 yr contract with them and to try to get out of it might be more hassle than it is worth- but seriously am looking into finding out how much it would cost us. This is so ridiculous to not have email capability for 10 days now! If I had a business that relied on my internet emails- I would be ruined. :(

And interestingly- they are NOT answering the phones...and the voice mail boxes are allll full.

Thanks for your show of support though!

Rosie said...

Yes, the first thing I turn to when I want to look something up, find a manual, solve a problem - head to the internet.

By their full voicemail boxes, and phone ignoring... sounds like you're not the only unhappy camper. Not a good way to run a business - customers still want answers to know what the timeline for their outages could be.