Sunday, 30 September 2007

Sunday at 1:30 pm

Trying to get RJB down for a nap- don't think it is going to work- but we are trying.
He wants to go geocaching- and it is nice day for it- slightly overcast with a breeze.
I finally finished plying my Forever Young 2 singles. I chose a blue mohair type commercial yarn. New way for me. Then I tried a new method of plying- which was to hold the single/yarn together and then spin... I would say it was a WHOLE lot easier and result wasn't too bad!
I got the whole thing onto my Turkish spindle- but let me tell you- JUST!
I will put a photo up asap of it. It's a bit gloomy for photos-but will try it soon anyway- then add it in here:

Let's see- what else to tell you?
Oh- still not email for isurf.
Did I mention we at least have heard from the new company that has taken them over?
They have an automated email that sends out every time we try email to see if it is finally fixed...
it is as big a load of crap as anything isurf ever wrote - so I am not thrilled- PLUS they took out the $25. for service with them! How can that be legal!?
But hopefully this first week of the month will see us with our email back. (Fingers crossed.)
I need to tell you about my trip to Bella Head's Walking Wheel Studio a few weekends ago. What a wonderful lady! We spent a goodly amount of time there but it flew by in minutes! We came away with a bunch of wool rovings in plain colours- a bag of some suri alpaca that is like BUTTAH!, and a whole new respect for the art of weaving. She is so talented and so nice. Am so-o-o looking forward to a trip back. It's only about 20 mins or so up the road.
I have already used some of the tops from Bella and some from Mandie to make a Bird of Paradise yarn. :)
I need to ply it, then will take pics.

We also got a big bag of rovings from Mandie over the last few weeks- will post pics. as they are spun.

We are really getting into the spring fever- we have planted and harvested radishes already. Then planted cucumber seeds in the front garden- and in the back - sunflowers! Yesterday the soil got turned for the corn- and today we planted corn seeds! :)
Pics to come of that boys working hard outside in the dirt! ( I was inside- as usual- making dinner. I like to cook- but sometimes....)

OK- well- he didn't settle and the time to cache is at hand- so must go for now. Will edit the pic in later and write again when possible.

Hope you are well!

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