Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Forever Young 2 Finally Done

This is the before of a roving from EGMTK! called "Forever Young 2"-

Here is F.Y.2 as a singles- before being plied:

and then there are two "afters" - this yarn was spun from the 100% Merino wool roving and then plied with a mohair type commercial yarn.

That spindle was SO FULL- I really didn't think I was going to get all of it onto it and was thinking i was going to have to cut it and make two skeins... but I managed to carefully wrap it all. Next is to wash and measure it......then I will post it onto the EGMTK! Gallery. Different pics. will be there than these. Or so I intend! lol

That's all for this post- Riley is holding the train for me! ( pic. to be posted later!)

Hope you are well.

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