Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Whirly Wednesday

Today is spinning day- I've already done some- and have photos to prove it. ;)

I started this last week- the spinning of a EGMTK! roving called "Softly Spoken"...

then spun some on last Wed., then carried on through the weekend when my hand would allow.

I decided to ply it with itself- the first time since my original attempt at spinning and plying...
I have made that my spinning project today. I would like to start crocheting some items from my yarns... but haven't found the right project yet- or is it the courage ? Hmmm.....

Not alot happened this last weekend- Sunday was hot hot hot so we stayed home. The cool air moved in nearly 8pm so the day was gone for us to do anything really.
Sat. we went early to the War Memorial Veterans Hospital in McLaren Vale for their annual garage sale... BOY did i do well! :) I came away with a hand knit sweater ( jumper) in a dark rose and white heathered yarn for $2!!!!!!!!!! ( and it really fits me! ) I think it is a wool and mohair combo- some fuzzy fuzzies in there of some sort anyway! Very warm and SOFT- although it still makes me itch after awhile-even with a cotton shirt on under it!

A poly floral scarf that I hope to shred and spin if I can get myself to do that to the scarf--- for 50 cents! ( Salvo's eat your heart out- they want $3 for the same thing!!!!!!! I figure we can't even afford to be poor when it comes to that Op Shop! :( )
And get this TWO wooden bowls that I hope at least one if not both will turn out to work for my support spindle spinning adventures when I start! They say wooden bowls are good for the least ear wrenching sounds- so that is what I had been looking for- for 20 c and 10 c I am soooo happy ! And if they dont work as spinning bowls I love them for themselves and will use them somehow! :) :D
RJB got two little cars for 10c each and DH found a set of children's walkie talkies for $3. They work OK ......which is just what it said o nthe tape that had the price on- OK> ! LOL
I am sure they will get lots of use once we get outside again. the alst two days and today too- have been rainy and windy and chilly ( I am NOT complaining either! )- but it is to get nice over the next two days. So we will get outside and try them out properly. :)
I keep hoping no one is picking us up on their baby monitors! LOL!

On the garden front- I have some photos to share.
Will write under them what is what. :)

This is my honeysuckle. I had this in abundance in the USA and I love it- so I have been babying this one along- I think it might need a sunnier location- but the harsh summers are so hard on it that I hate to move it. Not that i really have too many places where honeysuckle can live and prosper on the property- but I am thinking on it. The smell is heavenly.
This is the back garden and is of my really going to town zucchini seedlings- I just planted the seeds a week ago- they are just vigorous and healthy. The sprawling tomato is a cherry tomato plant that just keeps giving and giving. This is its' 3rd year to give us fruit. The first year we had so many we didn't know what to do with them all- last year was not such a great year- but this year is promising. We just let it ramble where it wants. It is my 'pet' plant. :) In the back there are the strawberry plants with new blossoms on. The darn millipedes got the strawberries that were on it and turning red. So much for putting straw down for the berries to rest on to keep clean- although I am sure the 'pedes are sooo thankful! LOL!

This one is of the front yard/garden to the right side as we walk out... that is the volunteer pumpkin that has just gone crazy! :) The purply pink flower behind/beside it is a Pentas. The hot pink flower closer to us is a geranium/pelargonium. The yellow flowers are calendula/pot marigold. The watermelons are all onthe right of the patch in that 'empty' spot- they are just too small to see yet- and you can see my two remaining cucumber plants at the 'bottom' of that bare looking space... I suspect I can see them better than you can though - since i know what i am looking at. There is also a peony bush in there- just this side of the pink pentas plant. I never have flowers on it- I just am keeping it alive i guess. But that makes me happy. I think it doesnt' get cold enough for it to bloom perhaps. I keep saying i am going to put a whole bag of ice on it in the winter to see if that will work! LOL Anyone ever try that or hear of it?? Let me know!

Ok- need to help my son with lunch.
I hope to put up photos tomorrow what I finished today in spinning.

Until then,
Hope you are well!

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Rosie said...

Your yarn looks lovely plied on itself, very pretty.

I admire your DH for taking an active interest too, I tell my DH about other guys who knit, etc. He says, "Yer, right. Not for this little pinkie." He's happy for me to knit and spin, and support my addiction... but that's as far as his interest goes.

When I clicked on your garden pic, I could see the little plants sprouting. They're definitely there, you just need the bigger pic to see.