Thursday, 11 October 2007

Spin Wednesday Results

Here are some pics of the plying I got done yesterday...

it is my own mix of solid colour rovings of purple, yellow, rockmelon/cantaloupe, light green, and old gold and then plied with either feathers yarn in black or the ostrich yarn in black.

(Sorry for the blurry pic- it was the best I could do yesterday-very frustrating!)

Here's the 'before" - singles yarn on the spindle still........
I also plied a small remainder of the singles with a white optim that I had spun as a thin singles while testing out my flower spindle from the USA a few months ago now... it looks nice- will get a photo of it today and put it up along with the finished yarns you see here. They are just finishing drying today as we have humid weather from the showers that are passing through/over us. :)

This yarn is sooooo soft- esp. the feathers plied one. I am so glad I couldn't find my gold thread from Mandie- or else I never would've tried this I bet!

Now I can freely crochet with the 'fancy' stuff! ( the thin fancy stuff is much harder to see to crochet with and find the stitches properly than with knitting them...) I am very pleased with myself and while the photos don't show the real colours and beauty- you'll have to trust me when I say it is so soft and fun to look at- with the colours almost hiding in the plush black yarn! ;) I am eager to make these into something too- a simple scarf I think would be the nicest.
Or maybe a headband?
The plied with white optim looks totally different. Wait'll you see!

I also started my "Softly Spoken" EGMTK! roving... not alot got done so I didn't take a picture of it. Will try later today if the sun shines. :)
Oh - update on the YARN Magazine prize- I wrote to the editor- and she affirmed it was sent out two weeks ago- but nothing ever arrived here. :( :( :(
I think we have a very greedy evil person in the postal service here in the area... the parcel would've travelled less than 20K from her place to mine...
Some day whoever is stealing will get caught. What would they want with stitch markers anyway? THAT is worth losing your job and reputation over!?!??

*** Guess what showed up in the mail this afternoon!? Yepper - the yarn stitch markers! LOL! I told Barb ( the Ed. ) I guess the Universe just needed that 'push'! So - am glad to say they arrived safe and sound - very pretty, if I only knit!****
The garden is loving the slight watering it is getting...I am pleased too!
The snails have come out in full force- not sure what we will do with them- we can't bring ourselves to kill them and there are so many- they will decimate our seedlings in no time if we are not careful!
On a side note- had no ideas for dinner last night- ended up making some fried cabbage and oriental ( ramen ) noodles- YUMMY! Try that sometimes! Fry the cabbage until it is just before done- add in the already cooked and spiced noodles and fry a bit longer until slightly crispy noodles happen- I love it with lots of black pepper- yum!!
Riley had Oatbrits as he is not too keen on fried cabbage. Although he ate some noodles as he like them! ;)

Hope you are well!

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Rosie said...

*NOW* it all makes sense!

I commented this too last night, but it has obviously evaporated into the ether...

I did say that I liked your yarns, very bright and colourful - yet the two are so different. Who'd think that one small yarn would make such a difference!

I am glad your stitchmarkers have finally decided to come home from their little sojourn somewhere. Now you can really enjoy them.