Thursday, 11 October 2007

Ravelry arrived

I got my invite for Ravelry yesterday- it went into my 'junk' mail folder- can you IMAGINE!?! (shock! don't *they* ( the email mailer people) know this is one of the most sought after emails ever?!? LOL
Anyway- I have to think of a name and all that jazz- so haven't joined just yet- but will today sometime I reckon.

Hope you are well!


Rosie said...

Your invite came! Yay!

I only have 571 in front of me now, not long to go...

amanda j said...

You will love Ravelry! It's heaps of fun. Make sure you say hi - my name on there is amandaj (duh)!

Thanks so much for the lovely comment you made on my spinning. I spun it on my Ashford Traditional. I think I will go and add that info over on the gallery.

Happy spinning!