Friday, 19 October 2007

What a Difference A Day ( or two) Can Make

In my previous post I was whinging about the temps... I am here to tell you- that they are now going to be much higher than previously predicted! Tomorrow is 30 ° C (high 80's F)- and then an overnight LOW of 22°C is predicted ( that's about 74°F!) with the following day to be 35°C!!!!
(That is way into the 90's F !!! ) OMG! Now this wouldn't be so bad if we had been having consistently warmer days all along- but it has been in the low 20's daytime and in the low teens for the nights... ( so that is around mid 70's and around high 40's for the translation...).
I am not sure what next week will bring- but this weekend was meant to be full of activities for us out and about- outside activities. Well- ffffffffft on that! :(

On to happier things- zucchini have popped up- the strawberries were eaten with delight by RJB, and there are more tomatoes on their way! I have managed to so far keep the snails from eating my two remaining cucumber plants...and the watermelon seeds are popping up thick as thieves. The pumpkin out front is growing madly and has had male blossoms for several days now! The carrots and all the teeny tiny portulaca seedlings are all ok.....they are just sooo tiny you can't imagine how they ever grow to be something of any size- let alone a full sized carrot !
(Portulacas dont' get THAT big of course! lol! )

I think the corn may be a loss- it's been well over 14 days- and nothing....I raked the mulch back today- hoping the sun might get to them and help them to grow- but i might be too late- fingers crossed I was on time! At $1 an ear in the shops and only to get more expensive in the near future- having some of our own to eat and preserve would be very very nice!

On the ISP front- we have gone with AAPT- are awaiting the final switchover- but so far they have been OK . A bit vague-ish with helping- but at least we don't have a 4 hour cut off every time we are connected. I mean- really- how many of us are still on dial-up that the other company really needed to disconnect us on the dot of 4 hours??!?

Not much spinning got done on Wed. I am sad to say - but every little bit helps! I didn't get ANY done today nor yesterday......let's hope the heat isn't too much to spin.

Also- we did our 100th geocache find today! Woo hoo! AND it was a FTF! Down south of us near the Myponga reservoir- always a nice drive.

OK- off to do dinner/tea dishes- whee.

Hope you are well.

Yesterday our little girl Skylar would've turned 5.
I can only imagine what life would be like with a little girl to dress up and with who I could play girly games. I am thankful for my precious son and all the joy he brings me ( and all the bugs and dirt too! :) ) . But I couldn't let the chance pass to say how much I long for her to be with us and how much I miss her. So much- so, so much. 0 :]


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