Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Tuesday Night

HI All!
Just a quick note to say that the computer is working wonkily- the carrots finally popped up and so have the watermelon seedlings! We have two alllllllll but ripe strawberries and RJB ate his first of the season cherry tomato! :) The strawberries will be next I am sure! : D

We are heading into a hint of summer to come weather-wise- tomorrow is meant to be 23c (mid- high 70's) and then it is to get up to nearly 30c ( high 80's!) the next day...but thankfully a cool change is to come in for a day and then back up to the 80's again on Sat.! Whew!

Hope you are well!

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Rosie said...

I hope your computer starts behaving again soon! Too many excesses, maybe...

Flossie is growing some strawberries here, they loved the heat here the other day. They are still small, but really starting to jump with berries. Flossie was heartbroken the other day, Peach did some "harvesting" of her own - picked *every single* thing that vaguely looked like a strawberry, from the green and nowhere near ready, to the almost ready red ones. Flossie had plans for who was having the pleasure of her second strawberry. She ran inside howling - I gently explained that more would grow.

I think a crop of cherry tomatoes would suffer the same fate also. I have to come up with some way to secure the back door now that Peach can let herself in and out.

Didja spin today?