Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Train ahoy! ?

RJB's fascination with trains continues on- so much so that the cubby house climbing thing that he rarely ever had anything to do with- is now his favourite place to play because we improvised and made it into a 'train'. Mind you, it takes alot of imagination, and this isn't the best photo as he doesn't cotton on to having his photo taken too often. He prefers to 'mug it up' if he is going to have to have it taken,too.

Here is one that I took through the house window so he wasn't suspecting me until I went out and then if he said no to a photo- I still have one for memory's sake. ;)
Sneaky mom.

I've rigged up a bell on a pull cord and have put the bucket on a bat a ball post for the 'smokestack' part of the train... and he has an engineer's cap he wears that he got from the "Thomas" expo thing we went to earlier in the year. Have a photo of him in that:

And another one- in motion!

Typical mom- I could just fill up my blog with my child's photos. However I will refrain. For now.

No, wait- I have to add this one..

taken while wering my sunglasses while we were out looking for the "Star of Greece #1" geocache down at Port Willunga.... they have a boardwalk nearby- that leads to the ocean and also has a bench on a side shoot from the walk...we sat there for awhile and enjoyed the surf and all the sounds.
The ocean was very rough but the crashing sounds of that are far more relaxing than most sounds we have at our house outside! It is so nourishing to the soul.

He is napping now- so will take the chance to write a few emails I owe. It's about time- I know.

Hope you are well.

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Rosie said...

You have one very cute little boy there!

Good idea about the playgym thing, to turn it into a train. Those things are too expensive to sit in the backyard not played on!

I should think about one of those for Peach, she'd love it. We have swings and a trampoline, which she loves. (Supervised closely, of course.)