Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Nearly Halloween!

( This is RJB's way of saying "Happy Halloween"! Little foamie letters I cut out years ago that we found and we laid them out properly last night- this morning I found them like this in the front room with a patiently waiting RJB nearby waiting for my delight at how smart he is!! )
It's nearly haunting time again!

Here is a neat link you should try for some jack-o-lantern fun!
A real pumpkin ( the only one that survived last year despite the drought-it's small but it's ours! LOL! ) was carved last night- fun was had - here are a few pics to prove it: :)

Here is the finished item- the next day ( today) - after being lit and enjoyed for an hour or so last night before retiring for bed.

It's a bummer that daylight savings doesn't hold out for one more week here- so that it gets darker that little bit earlier for Halloween. Ah well.......

On the fibre front-I *did* get some spinning done over the weekend- and have "softly spoken" all spun and washed and ready to be photographed.....just haven't had the time to get to it. Will aim for later today.

Hope you are well!


Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

Hi! That Softly Spoken looks lovely spun up,You are so clever with your spindle,Ive tried spindling but prefer my wheels,LOL,I fell off the wagon and bought another of Mandies very Nice Colours,thinking of spinning it for a scarf for Son No 5s Teacher,picked out a pattern that should do very well,light and airy like the Old Shale one! Looking forward to seeing more of your spinning!

Rosie said...

DH and RJB looked like they had fun. For a moment, I thought DH was rather brave holding the pumpkin for him to carve - then I realised it was a pencil, not a knife.

Cute pumpkin!