Wednesday, 31 October 2007


OK- so it is still day time and I have no costume pics to share yet- but wanted to get my wish in on the day. Photos tomorrow or ASAP though. :)

Thought I would share pics of the "softly spoken" roving that I showed earlier in the month... the is the the yarn all washed and twisted. I have yet to measure it.
Good amount I'd say.
I plied it with itself ( 2 ply) so there isn't as much yardage as there 'could' be if I'd plied it with something else... but I'd wanted to try self-plying and this roving was the one. Soft muted colours so the 'candy cane' effect isn't so obvious. :)

Also-here is the last little bit of my bird of paradise yarn- this time plied with some plain white optim I had spun to try out a new spindle. Very small amount but I have plans for it. It's in the new bowl I got 2 weekends ago for 20c! :) :)

Thanks for looking - hope you have a hauntingly boo-tiful day! ;)

Hope you are well.

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