Friday, 2 November 2007

Happy November! ( a day late...)

As promised- here are a few photos of my "boys"
ready for a local trick or treating...
we only ever go to just a few of the houses here on our street- only to folks we know and many weren't even home this time! Ah well. RJB still did really well and for two days now has begged me to "pwease wet me go twick or tweating?"?? It is SO hard to say no to that, but thankfully I can back up my lack of wanting to go begging on a daily basis by trying to explain (once again) that it is a 'once a year' thing. Not easy to explain to a three year old!
Without further ado- here you go!:

yes- the headband ( and matching tail that we didn't get a photo of....*sigh* )
were crocheted by me and then added some white wool for fur. I was rather proud of myself - it turned out really well over all. :D

This is a short post as it is raining and RJB wants to go for a walk before it gets dark- he just loves the rain. :) We have been having sprinkles and drizzles for two days now...... makes for a bit of a dreary day- but thank Heavens for the RAIN!

Hope you are well!

PS) Fibre event tomorrow- woo hoo! Will write more asap. :)

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Rosie said...

Cute outfits, I love RJB's makeup too.

Sounds like the rain is fairly widespread, we had a good downpour here today also, and more forecast for tomorrow again.

And you have a Fibre Event to go to also! You get all the fun.