Sunday, 11 November 2007

Sunset Skyscape Yarn

I managed to get a few photos taken before they left for the beach so here I present my latest yarn- 50g ( approx) of 2 ply wool.....plied by the "wind two singles into a ball then spin/ply them together" method.
You've seen the batts before but here is a reminder.

Here is it on the branch drop spindle :
that I recently got from Aubelsbeth on eBay ( USA )- I HIGHLY recommend their spindles-please check them out- really super items - not just spinning either- wonderful handmade jewelry and more- these are fellow SCAdians (well- i am not one anymore actually- but in my heart I am!) so you can be sure they are doing beautiful custom work with true quality and with great prices to boot!
I spun the singles on a beautiful dark mahogany coloured one called (love this name) Saucy Bowl ( will show you later- the camera is at the beach now....) -also from Aubelsbeth, but had to ply on the Branch one as it has a longer shaft for me to wrap all the yarn. This is just 50g and it is quite full!

Then I skeined it, the dh and son washed it and then let it dry. I did the Wraps Per Inch and length but can't recall it at the moment. *sigh* I believe the WPI averaged out to be 8. It's a beautiful colourway- mango and pink and the most amazing shade of purple mixed with a touch of the lovliest bright blue...when it was done all I could think of was the sunset sky and clouds on a bright day. Dh came up with Cloudscape- I 'fine tuned' it to Skyscape this morning! I've just finished 25g more- spun the same way- and will do another 25 today if possible, then ply it the same way to have 100g of the same yarn.

Here's the skein up close as well. :)

If anyone is interested in getting batts of wool from Kathy- please email me and I will get you in touch with her-as she doesn't have an online shop- but will send digital pics., etc. and the best part is her prices are FABULOUS!
I got some handdyed rovings from her for only $8 per 100g and at the shows her batts are currently selling for $5 per 100g!!!! It's like being at the 'penny candy' counter when you are at her show booth- as you can mix and match all you like and her colours are just fun and diverse.
Her blends are always my favourites- but the solids she does often times are the complementing colours she has used in her multiblend batts. Brilliant. And if you have not done any spinning from a batt- let me tell you- they nearly self draft! The Saucy Bowl wanted to spin mostly a thickness that at 2 ply has left it to be a sport weight yarn- which is just what I was wanting- and it all came together very quickly.

OK- better go get some other work done- then maybe take a small nap! :)

Thanks for looking and hope you are well!


Crystal said...

I just checked out that eBay site. That jewelry is nice. I love jewelry but rarely wear it. Sharon, doesn't that Aubie's one pound mystery box look intriguing? And when I clicked on it, she shows you her whole process--that was fun to learn.

aubelsbeth said...

Wow! I just found your comments and a great smile formed across my face!

I am Aubelsbeth! I'm so glad my handworked tools are bringing such joy!

I have changed my name to Aubelin_de_Alexandre due to SCA herald requests during registration...and the shop is now called Spindidley!

I hope I get the opportunity to provide something warm and fuzzy again to you ladies!

Wow...what a fantastic night!

Thank you!

Dawn West
aka Aubelin
(formally Aubelsbeth)

aubelsbeth said...

Wow Ladies, I am thrilled to hear my handworks have brought you so much joy!

Due to Heralds direction I've had to change my name to Aubelin_de_Alexandre and the shops name is now Spindidley.

My heart is full of smiles and joy to see what you've done with your new tools!