Friday, 16 November 2007

Frying Friday

Ugh- it's hot. I do NOT like summer weather.
OK now for the positive things - some more photos to share.

None of fiber if you can believe it!

I have done some crocheting and spinning- but nothing I can show here, now.
however, a new spindle arrived from the USA.....

it is a little white church from an eBay seller called Wooly Knitpicks. She has affordable unique spindles- I have only just gotten this one- so am not sure how well it will spin- but I did try a bit of wool that was included and it spun ok. My only real complaint is the that the hook arrived bent over- but I carefully bent it back and seems to be ok.
I took a pic or two this morning- so will share those:

the full length- it has a green agate stone on the end of the shaft.

and close up. Love the purple sparkles that she painted on it. Just a fun spindle. I intend to hang it on the Christmas Tree this year. :)

Here's also a picture of a bird bath:

What? Did you think I would mean something traditional??? No way!

Not at this household!

This is a Spotted Dove having a bit of a drink in the old baby bath. It wasn't meant to be out there for that purpose- but it has stayed out because the bigger birds CAN drink and have a splash about in it if it has water in... we dont' always keep water in that one- but we do the old dog bowl one- so there is virtually always a drink available to them.

Too warm to sit here any longer- but at least there is something new to look at. :)

Hope you are well!


Crystal said...

I love that church spindle! And it will look so great on your tree. That dove posed so nicely for you.

Rosie said...

Your new spindle looks lovely. Sounds like it will make a beautiful Christmas tree ornament.

Have you tried spinning with it, or is it for decorative purposes.

I did get some spinning done recently, and made a 3-ply yarn with it. It's soaking at the moment, I will be interested in the WPI it ends up with.