Sunday, 11 November 2007

Strike A Pose- There's Nothing To It....

I just had to share this with you-
there was a crested pigeon in the back yard sunning herself two or so days ago.
She's surrounded by bits of bread- but not interested in eating- just the sun. ;) ( If you click on the photo to make it bigger you can see what fluffy underfeathers (down?) she has. Just guessing on the 'she'-by the way- as there is not alot of colouration difference btwn. males and females that I can see. )
It's always startling to walk passed the window and see this. The first time I saw this I was sure something horrible had happened......they don't call our one magpie variety "Butcher Birds" for nothing...

but even with knowing this is what they are doing- there is still always a moment where my heart skips a beat then the brain remembers.
I'll search through pics to see if I can find one of one upright so you can see. I know I took some the other day in the rain... what hoot - these birds are not particularly waterproof!LOL! *** Didn't find a dry bird photo- but here s/he is soggy ( and caught in mid blink- don't you just hate that when it happens?? ):

Garden update:

The zucchini plants are just growing like weeds this week- glad for the rain and now sunshine I guess! :) We have several tomato plants with small fruit and lots of blossoms.

The strawberries are coming along fine- still haven't figured a way to keep them off the ground from the bugs though. The dog managed to get into the bed of carrot seedlings so there is nothing really left there and the corn just didn't' grow where we planted it... maybe one seed. :(

The lettuce, pictured here, is going great.

As for spinning, I have some yarn to share- but don't have the photos of the finished skein yet- so will post ASAP for that. Made from wool batts hand dyed and created by Kathy Baschiera from Lobethal, SA......we discovered her at the first wool event we attended and two weekends ago went to the scarf exchange just to get some wool from her. I fully intend to take pics of what I got from her that day.....slow but sure. ;)

Today is Rememberance Day in Australia- at 11 am on the 11 of Nov. each year everyone is to stop for one minute and observe silence for the fallen of Australian Wars. ( If I didn't get that right- someone feel free to correct me- I am pretty new to this. )

Well- the guys are getting ready for the beach so better go for now - but perhaps I can get photos taken of the yarn and put online sooner rather than later! :)

Hope you are well.

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