Friday, 9 November 2007

Friday's Photo-Up Close

Woohoo! I have a yarn to show you! This yarn is now my new favourite..... ( gee whiz- it often seems the newest yarn finished is my favourite- is that good or bad!?! LOL!)
This one is from a roving called "Up Close" from EGMTK!

Below is how it spun up as the singles- I did long strips ( pencil roving thickness generally) and spun them in the full length colourway as Mandie had dyed it...and let me tell you- it was so just SO FUN to spin! The colours are just so vibrant and the yellow is just the perfect contrast colour to the pink/orangy colours. I'd been wanting to get back to making a thicker, chunkier yarn -and this one I spun pretty thick as a singles.

Then the next decision was with what to ply it... I already knew I wanted to use a thread so that the colour wasn't affected too much- but what colour? I originally was planning a dark purple- that I knew would contrast with the colours- but once it spun out so beautifully I decided that I wanted to ply with something that wasn't obvious... so I was going to use the gold rayon sample Mandie had sent- but couldn't find it! :( So... I held up all the threads I had on hand and a light pinky purple-y colour ( Orchid I would call it....) came out the winner- I could only guess how amazingly this thread would go- from a distance it practically disappears! Up close it is a perfect compliment to the colours. I could hardly wait to get the yarn done so I could wash and fluff it and see how it looked. The Turkish spindle is jam packed full- I seriously don't think I could've fit much more on-it was popping off as i spun it to ply!
And here is how it looks- full skein -182 yrds- approx 100g.. ( didn't weigh it yet) and here is Up Close- up close! ( you know I had to say it...! ) ;)
( If you really want to see it UP CLOSE- click on the picture and let it down load- yikes!!) I finished this on Whirly Wednesday- but wanted to wash it and dry it and fluff it up a bit before I posted the pics. :) WHee! It is THE SOFTEST i have made- you just want to snuggle your nose into it! The only thing that happened that was a bit of a bummer was that when I washed it- the pink colour came out alot- and it muddied up alot of the yellow. It's still pretty- but not as vibrant as it originally was. I managed to get it out in time- usually I let it soak a few minutes before I rinse and hang it to dry- bit this time I grabbed it out asap. Not that it was all that dirty anyway- I just like to do it as then it is 'preshrunk' - ready for use.

I have alot more photos of other things to share too- someone find me two more hours in the day and I might be able to get all the stuff posted that I want to share! RJB has been going to bed verrrrrrrry late at night, naps are short or non-existent and I am not getting virtually any ME time. Thankfully he doesn't resent my spinning while he plays some during the day. Being at the computer...on the other hand... he doesn't appreciate. :( So i try to limit myself,thereby not getting as much done as I would truly like.

I have the scarf exchange to talk about from last weekend and some ocean photos to share from before that!

It is doing to be a WARM day today, warmer tomorrow. Just in time for Christmas parade in the city- being from the Northern Hemisphere- it does nothing to put me in the mood and I can't tolerate the sun to even go to the parades. I think the local one is next weekend. Fingers crossed it cools back down for that one. I *think* RJB would like it even with all the chaos. :) We shall see.

Hope you are well!


Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

Good Morning!!
That is a fantastic lot of spinning,how long does it take for you to do that ammount? Normally if on a 'good' run I can spin 100g over 2 days and have done it in one (forget the housework sort of day!)
Have you had any problem with dye run before?

Rosie said...

As usual, gorgeous yarns you've made. It's a pity the dye from some colours ran though.

My girls watched the Christmas Pageant on the tv. Although it might be nice to physically go, so you can soak up the atmosphere - I think you get a better view on the tv. You'd have to arrive really early to secure a good vantage point, and then wait. And wait. In the sun.

Crystal said...

Oh, I love these colors. I also love 'softly spoken' and 'bird of paradise' and practically every picture you've posted so far.

Leah said...

That's one gorgeous skein of yarn ~ love it!