Monday, 19 November 2007

Nature Photos

Here are some pictures taken in the last few months I've wanted to share but hadn't yet.... some were taken by me- some by DH...
all are gifts from Nature.

A daylily- a neighbour was getting rid of hers-so we took them. :)

A storm cloud that never became a storm- but sure is AMAZING- please click on the photo to see it full-sized- the depth and texture is worth the wait. ( Taken by DH)

A torch lily/red hot poker flower/kniphofia

The guardsman's watchtower- sand fun at the beach. ( taken by DH)

Not sure if there is a proper term for this foamy frothy surf water- but the texture is great-another one worth clicking on to see larger. 'Frozen' water droplets and all. :) ( taken by DH)

Now- here are two that are not nature photos... but nice to look at-

Banana Bread- fresh out of the oven!

Holiday smiles to you !

Hope you are well!


Rosie said...


Your neighbour didn't want those lovely lillies? Or she was dividing them. They are too nice not to have in your garden.

My favourite photo was the watchtower and surf rolling in. We aren't far from the beach here, but I'm not a beach sorta gal. Red hair, fair skin, freckles...

Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

Daylillies are awesome!!!! hardy and so easy to grow!!!

Crystal said...

What a gorgeous lily! Remember the orange tiger lilies that grow profusely around here, do you have them there?

Where did you get the snowman angel?

I think I can see the frozen droplets in the foamy spray.

I like all the flowers and LOVE that storm cloud. Please tell Richard thanks for the pics he contributed.

And how delicious was that great looking bread?