Sunday, 25 November 2007

Beautiful Sunday Morning

Here for your viewing is my latest spun wool from EGMTK!....

It's called Mind Warp and has not only been spun but also used! Photos later of the project. :)
Here's the before roving:

Beautiful shades of blue,green, and a divine indigo colour... I LOVED spinning this colourway.

Then here are the spun ones- on my Turkish again...

The finished skein- all washed and ready:

So this was a finished singles- at about 13 WPI- I forget the yardage now. over 300 I believe. Soft as too- this 100% merino that Mandie has for her current dyed rovings is SO soft - I am SO spoiled!
It is one of the neatest things- to make and use your own yarn. Something earthy and basic about it- even if my colours are anything but! LOL! I look forward to creating MORE with my yarns. :)

I also have some photos to share of the house buildings on the' other side of the fence' ( the grass is NOT greener as they have none- well- one house does and it is much nicer than ours- which is dead already due to water restrictions). If you suffer from claustrophobia- you might not like these pictures!

This is the house at the end of the street- on the other side of the fence, of course!

Here's for you to see how close the other houses are- that fence is only a regular sidewalk's width away from the side of our house (what's that- about 3 feet?) - then there is the corner of the newest finished house there- and to the right is the latest started...they have virtually no space in their back yard and side area- who knows how much frontage they will have- only a few metres I am sure. Our garden area is spacious in comparison, although we have little to no side yard/garden to speak of....

This is the last little bit of 'skyline' we have left- there is another house scheduled to go in that space btwn. the house across from us and that red roofed house, so it is only a matter of time until we will no longer be able to see anything much unless we look straight UP!

( yes- we are searching for a more country located home...)

Some 'nature' shots to share- in our back garden...

This is my butterfly bush- OH how the New Holland honeyeaters love them and how I love watching them sip the nectar from the tiny flowers! Believe it or not I really cut the right side of this bush back pretty far ( I am never as brutal as a good gardener should be...)- and it is right out there with new growth nearly as far as the old wood. Though it is hard to see- there are lots of buds on this buddleia ! :)

This is our teeny little red Bottlebrush bloomed! It is
only about knee/thigh- high and it bloomed! I can hardly
wait for it to get big enough to REALLY
bloom and be able to take photos to share- how the
little flowers come out is like fireworks
in slow motion- LOVE it! :)

Out of time for now-have a few more photos to share- will try again later or tomorrow!
Hope you are well.


Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

Your spindling is great,Im afraid Ill never get as good as that but I find I can spin haps more on a wheel anyhow,it will remain a novelty.I have two small spindles so not sure if they are good ones anyhow!!!
All the new houses seem to take up the whole yard dont they,makes me wonder how they can remain indoors like that and wheres the great Aussie Icon,the Hills Hoist,LOL

Rosie said...

I totally understand what you mean about the buildings being crammed in together.

We have a decent sized block, .5 acre, I think. Down the street four houses are being built on a block the same size as ours - two at the front, and two at the back, with a shared driveway up the middle.

I would NOT like to live sooooo close to a neighbour, I'd feel like they were in my backyard. At times, I'm way too close to the neighbours which are in the next block.

Corner houses are getting snapped up by developers, subdivided, and another house built on the back section. Doesn't anyone want a backyard to play, garden, relax in any more?

We have swings, trampoline, Hills hoist, gigantic tree (which is an issue), growing fruit trees, and some sheds. There's still plenty of space for the kids to run around.