Saturday, 1 December 2007

Happy December!

Woo- November was a fast month...December already!

Haven't been able to get my thoughts organized for very long lately. Not sure what is up.
So I haven't written here.

I have acquired some LOVELY fibre ( via eBay and Mandie at EGMTK! 3 of which are shown here)-

"Tequila Moon" from EGMTK! ( above) - 22 micron merino wool~

(Left) this is a bamboo fibre top handdyed by Mandie- in a colourway she called

"Sublime Exchange"

And this one is Optim ( fine silky wool- amazingly soft!)- and is called "Raynbow1"
over the last few weeks- (some yarn to try dyeing too- a future project...!)- and have done some spinning but not much- not even last Wednesday.
I *did* crochet- a small mystery CAL ( crochetalong)... I'll finish it today ( only a flower to go) and then can post a pic of it... I am not even sure what it is called..... maybe a ponchette?

I think I will be sending it off as a gift to someone- as I think I will look ridiculous in it. We'll see.
No- make that *I'll* see-lol!

It's been quite warm over the last few days- so that might explain my lack of spinning, etc.
After tomorrow we are to have a small break in the temps and then go back up later in the week.

Two more picutres to share:
Rocks at the beach.

A bunny shaped one-found as seen complete with small 'tail' made of a seaweed bubble!

a string of rock flowers.

There was a link posted on a yahoo group board called "ANZweavespin" about a group/movement/idea of making rock formations on the beach, then posting the pics to be seen. ... Dh really loves this idea so while at the beach last evening- we walked to the rocky area and got some ideas going.

Patterns/pictures.... many choices- will take HOURS- thankfully RJB loves the beach now!

This is just a 'warm up' piece. Will post the link to the project site one Dh is up and I can ask him for it.

Hope you are well.

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Crystal said...

What gorgeous colors! I'm sorry to repeat myself all the time...don't know how to show my appreciation of your talent and Mandie's colour combos and talent. I need to come over and feeeeel it. I can envision the softness.

Cool rocks...the bunny shape is so obvious.

So you guys did that rock formation? That will be fun to walk along and discover. And you'll be finding others and smiling.