Sunday, 16 December 2007

Sunny Sunday Morning

Not feeling very 'talkative' but know it has been a few days since I posted.
Thought I would share some photos:
Riley wanted a PB&J sandwich Friday...he then proceeded to get upset with me for no apparent reason- ( is this supposed to happen when they are THREE!??! I figure I will not last his teen years if this is what it is like at age 3!!)- so I was being smart and said "Fine! Get your own PB&J sandwich!" To which he replied -after some thought- "Fine! Me get my OWN PBJ!" I had gotten the bread out already and had the PB jar open but he ended up doing the rest! And here is the photo to prove it- there is about a quarter of a jar of pB on there, but he did it! lol This is the first attempt at jelly/jam- he followed it up with dropping more on the counter than the bread- but eventually got quite a hefty amount on there- he ate it all but the crusts- they were pretty well laden with PB- so not sure why he didn't eat it- but the birds love his crusts - so I didn't mind too much. :) He helps me ALOT in the kitchen- loves to make brownies, etc.- so I truly do think he will hold his own in the kitchen one day. :) Boy will I be proud. This photo was taken by DH yesterday- we had a slight shower of rain and everything looked new and luscious- if you click on the photo and see it 'full sized" - the detail is amazing and is truly a fab photo (IMHO)... this is a potted cherry tomato.
I would like to share some photos from Granite Island from last weekend ( already!)- but don't feel i have the time quite yet to spend downloading them all and writing about it.
IF we get done today with all the "Must Do's"- then we might make a trip down today to Victor Harbor and maybe back over to Granite Island. :) It's meant to be a lovely COOL 19°C ( about 68°F) there today... yay! I am so ready for spring to stay or autumn to reappear.... skip summer thanks.

Still working on the pink/blue crochet project...NEARLY done! Won't be there for Christmas now I am afraid.

OK-7:30 am- and I am off to start my MD's!

Hope you are well....write to me and tell me you are! ( or if you aren't- I need to know that too!)


Crystal said...

Riley, may I put my order in? I just like butter and a very THIN layer of pb, thanks!

And your tomatoes are beautiful! What a neat picture of them from green to yellow to red.

Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

Merry Chistmas!!! Hope you have a lovely stress free day ,Im dragging out the wheel later and then maybe a spot of movie watching and hopefully a totally lazy day with no one to annoy me(Dads fav saying but not so colourful!)
Kids are thoroughly happy considering with five, theres always one whinger,thats great!!!!LOL