Thursday, 6 December 2007

Quick CAL Scarf Pic

Wanted to share a Finished Object- it is a Mystery Crochet A-Long - they called it a scarf when we were done. ;
I call it a decorated collar. lol
Hard to see- but there is a flower in the front 'v' part where the ends overlapped.

I did it in a pink yarn as since it was a mystery I didn't want to use my handspun- not knowing for sure what thickness or yardage would be best for it. If I made it again I think alpaca or silk blend or anything that drapes nicely would be ideal for this... it's not for warmth I would say.
Only 4" ( 10 cm ) wide, too long for your neck and you can't wrap it around since the ends are tied down......but it has real potential as an addition to a plain blouse (with shorter fringe, mind you)if made with silky rayon, bamboo, or the like yarns.
Anyway- here it is.... did very little spinning yesterday. Nothing to show anyway. But at least you can see this. :)
Hope you are well.

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