Tuesday, 25 September 2007

You Are NOT Going to Believe This!


This is so unbelievable- if it were anyone else's life I'd say they really had some bad luck in their corner!
Not only do we still not have isurf email access-but now my hotmail is unavailable as well!
^ ^

Plus....... my sister is able to ( normally, anyway) get email to my hotmail addy and I am replying but she is not getting my emails from there!
Man oh man.
Really- how much NON- communication crap can fall on one person who loves to communicate so much??!? WHAT exactly is the Universe telling me? Move on- get a life? Or something like "HA!" ?
I am remaining thankful for the ability to post here. However, if you don't see me here for a few days- you will know why!!!!!!!!!! lol

On a positive note-

This is a photo from a place called "Richardson's Gardens" . Not too far away.
This is wisteria - and oh.... it smelled so sweet and was full of happy little bees. It's too early in spring for much else to be blooming-but this was worth the trip.

And yesterday we planted out seedlings for green and yellow wax beans- and some peas...have had the seedlings awhile waiting for the right weather to happen- am hoping this is good timing as they were starting to look pretty sad. How do garden centers keep them so nice??

Hope you are well, and able to communicate.

addendum: Hotmail is available again. As an aside- at one point I couldn't get into my yahoo! account for email either- that was very quick- but still! LOL!


Rosie said...

That wisteria looks lovely, is that a public garden? It looks like a nice place to visit for a picnic.

I did get your email, and have sent a reply, so hope you have that one too.

Peach is still not asleep yet, but definitely needing to. She will be sooo grumpy later if I get her out now. Maybe she's thrown her dummy out of the cot and wants it now.

Rosie said...

Yep, she'd tossed the dummy overboard.

I am trying to "lose" it during the day, I don't mind her still having it to sleep at the moment though.

Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

Hi! No I didnt get anything on Sunday,not for the lack of want but thought i may have a chance to pick up some fibre re alpaca at the Perth show or something interesting so saved my pennies,Mandie has soooo many Nice things im sure my keyboard will seize up soon with all the drooling!!!!
Havent done much knitting or spinning too tired and stressing about my son going into the big city on his own as he has to do rehearsals for the Air Raiders Demo tommorrow onwards.
ll take as many picies as the camera will let me especially of the animals,LOL We leave on Saturday and come back Tuesday night so with work it may take a few days to sort through them!!!!