Thursday, 20 September 2007

Rest in Peace, Lovey

She really disliked having her photo taken- so it is with respect and fond memory that I post this photo of Lovey.

She was euthanised this morning- crossing over peacefully in seconds- Richard holding her. I stayed at home with RJB - we felt it would be easier to explain her not coming back from the animal drs. in a day's time rather than right away. He knows something is up with her though- because we are tearful and rather quiet.
Next time you have some Doritos, potato chips, or sour cream- give a thought for Lovey- some of her favourite things to eat were these.....she would just about knock you down for the salty snacks, and she had a penchant for chocolate, too. :) Cheeky girl.
We will miss you Lovey Dove.


Rosie said...

Lovey sounds like she led a pampered life. I'll remember her when I next have some potato chips - never heard of a cat eating chocolate though.

It's probably for the best that RJB remembers her as she was, and full of life. I hope he doesn't miss her too much.

Sharon said...

HUG to you Rosie.
Thank you for responding to my post.
It means alot to me.

She did have it pretty good- although i am sure she deserved better than what she got sometimes too- the dog was awfully jealous of her-and with her being so old Jade ( dog) would be able to grab her pretty easily. Jade would manage a mouth full of fur-but never drew blood as her teeth are rather blunt from chewing rocks at the beach over the years!! (wish I knew how to stop her from doing THAT too! ).
But I am such an animal lover ( we are a vegetarian family because of our love and respect for animals' lives....) that I sure wish I could've done something to help her more. I keep trying to remind myself she is better off now -but that doesn't ease the ache for a fluffball to cuddle. I am a cat person much more than any other pet. It will be hard to be without one now.......but until we decide we are not going to return to the USA to live- I really can't justify another one. Plus Jade is too old to put up with a kitten I reckon and may be able to kill it- even with worn teeth.
Gosh- I really babbled..... did you get my comment about wanting to write to you at a home address?
You can get mine from the yahoo groups- under Yarny...
the hotmail one is the only one that works at the moment.
As you know from here.

Thanks again for writing something- really.

Sharon said...
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Rosie said...

Hi Sharon,

I emailed you at the addy that is probably your default one at Yahoo. I think it was the isurf one that came up :-(

Can you log into the isurf homepage and check your emails from there? When I'm away from home on holidays I can log in and read them online.

You'll have (hopefully) a mountain of mail coming through when they finally get their act together.

It will get sorted out, and soon! We will find a way around it! :-)

Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

Its always sad to lose a best furry friend,thankfully our "friends" are only young so we have lots of time to share with them yet!