Monday, 18 February 2008

Boiled Eggs!

OK- I have one of those TNT ( tried and true) kitchen hints I just HAVE to share....

Want this done easily?

Then try this!

Once your eggs have boiled and have cooled enough to handle them at least- pour off any remaining cooking water and then put/hold the lid on tightly and >>>> SHAKE <<<<>
The shells you see empty in there are the shells of 4 eggs- two of which had only a fews specks of shell to rinse off- and the other two barely had their shells clinging to them when I picked them up! :)

Try it yourself next time- meanwhile I am heading back to make egg salad for our dinner tonight- it is 35° c here today! This chicky is NOT cooking! ( Well- just to boil the eggs which i did earlier when it was cooler in the house....)

Take care and let me know if you try this hint and how it works for you-please??

Hope you are well.


Suzi said...

Hiya Sharon, Sorry i haven't replied to your email yet, still haven't got your address, been crazy busy here and i have had a shocker of a head cold!
My email is easuzi(at)bigpond(dot)net(dot)au so send me an email and then i can replyin lenght!

Rosie said...

I will have to remember that tip next time I boil up a batch of eggs. The peeling is *not* my fun thing to do.