Friday, 27 June 2008

Trains as Promised

Here are those pics finally- from the National Rail Museum in/near Adelaide.

This gives you a view of what one of the many aisles of trains looks like within the museum.

RJ outside on one of the old small machines that were used for repairs. ( No signage or anything is available- so I am just guessing here....)

In a second building this static display is what greets the eye when you first enter.

Even a railway kitchen is bigger than mine! LOL!


Part of the same train car as the kitchen view- the seating area was quite nice.

This is in the middle train yard area- what RJ refers to as a "Crashdown Crane" (breakdown crane) . He loves it- the perfect combination of construction site and trains.

Here is one of the large trains that I was speaking of- massive is the only word I can think of for them. Just amazingly massive.

Here is a view from the last carriage of the narrow gauge train they have called "Bub".

There were many photos to share- hope this small choice was interesting for you!

NOW! Back to our regularly scheduled blog.....

a small spinning update- NYASSA is done! : D
OH MY GOSH! Spinning lace weight on a spindle is just NOT my cup of tea although I love the resulting yarn - wow.
I will do a proper post on it shortly. ( It's been a long time in the making- a few more hours/days can't hurt! lol ) I need to get photos taken today of the end product before I post anyway. Can't say I love the colours- but I am proud of the yarn.

Will go for now. More fluff photos and yarn ones too, on their way. :)

Hope you are well.


Crystal said...

Thanks for the awesome train pics. I hope I get to see it in person some day with you guys.

I was staring at a single car at Knoebel's yesterday thinking I could take a picture of it for RJ, just because he likes trains, although he may not have been impressed with it as he's seen much bigger and better. Kids were climbing on it and I thought he'd have enjoyed that, too. Wouldn't he LOVE Knoebel's? Some day...

Tracy said...

Hi Sharon :)
We've been to the museum too and had a great time :)
Tracy (desertrose on Rav )