Saturday, 9 August 2008

Happy August! Some Yarny Goodness

A quick update before I go to get ready for a journey to Mt. Pleasant-

Here are some photos of recently spun yarns- all done on spindles with the "ply on the fly" method.. Most are from Jane's store and then there is my show of my first attempt at ply on the fly with some merino from Mandie's store. Oh, and some alpaca from Walking Wheel Studio, here in SA. ( No website as of this date...)

I am quite pleased with all of them and after posting them here I want to attempt putting them on Ravelry- where you can find me under
" Twirlygig ". I have not tried to post anything there picture-wise. But would love to be able to smart enough to figure it out! lol

We are off to Mt Pleasant for a SACSOS event- SA Coloured Sheep Owners Society. I hope to come home with a few nice raw fleeces and lots from Kathy B. And maybe if I have any left some Finnish Landrace (Finn) from Suzie Horne. I can never get to her stuff- well that's not true- last year I could- but it was too dark in the building to see! lol
Hoping this year will be better - lights-wise. RJB has had a terrible cold this whole last week....... every night he's woken up several times and sometimes not able to go back to sleep, etc.... it's been a long week. He is doing better this day. So guess we will venture out- He is looking forward to going to Melba's choc. factory which is up that way. Free samples of some of their products and chocolate and toys..a child's dream! lol They have FAB choc. covered coffee beans. But I reckon I have already talked about them so won't go on.
Without further ado - here are the yarns.

The grey yarn above is the Alpaca. The picture isn't quite big enough to really see the colours in it-will have to try to post a larger picture again later. Below are two small skeins of EL ( English Leicester) Moseley Wool- done in the "Peacock" colourway.

Above are the two skeins of 'peacock' - and one of the EL locks spun in the "sunset" colourway.

Below is the bag of roving/top that I am currently spinning- plus a finished skein in the "Sapphire" colourway- dyed over a grey EL base. Really soft! It was a surprise for me- as the roving itself feels quite firm and somewhat coarse- but has spun up very nicely. I am SO pleased and recommend the tops! And last, but certainly not least- is 100% merino, the Mind in Motion colourway from Mandie- it is soft and squishy and was so fun to spin- it was my first attempt at doing the "Ply on the Fly" method (the top twist/skein is the very first). The more I did it- the thinner my 3 ply has become-a slightly more useable yarn... more yardage anyway! lol
Here is the roving from which it came:

OK! I am off......

Hope you are well. :)

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