Monday, 13 October 2008


I simply cannot believe it has been over 2 months since I last blogged. Wow.
The sadder part is- is that I can't think of anything really to talk about. Well-I can think of things to share- but at the moment there isn't enough time for me to get it all done- so I would rather wait.

I *finally* got the shawl I made for my dear friend Crystal - nearly 11 months ago- sent to her!
So I want to post pics of the before and afters of it all. But that will require some picture finding that I can't get into.

I did several skeins of yarn= including my precious Gotland Lamb, during the month of September in response to a challenge Mandie had on Ravelry to spin her fibre and win a prize package of goodies from her. I adore her fibres so I had to spin to win! I didn't- but had a good time spinning what I got done- all on the wheel- am working on some EL from Jane on a spindle from Sally of Yorkieslave Artworks. I have lots of photos to share.
I was fortunate enough to get some spindles before our dollar dropped too badly against the USA dollar ( currenly 66c to the dollar! UGH! and hoo........) ....... at the current exchange it won't be any time soon that I will be purchasing again and I am dead angry with it- as she is going to have some FABULOUS ones coming up - I just know it! *sigh*
I will add links to the names I have mentioned- please go check out their newest items in spinning fun!
Meanwhile I need to get going. But at least I have done an update so any of you who only check me here and not on Ravelry will know I am still alive and kicking.
I have started to cut back on my Ravelry time- but I sure do like learning so much from others.
And getting to share what I know is fun too.
We also have worked the garden soil and even planted some stuff.......
will post about that soon too. I am keeping a positive outlook for it ALL>
Corn, pumpkins, watermelon, cucumbers,tomatoes, lots of zucchini ( 2 bushing varieties and one vining), nasturtiums and marigolds too......all started from seeds......the tomatoes and the marigolds are not progressing very much- not sure why- especially the tomatoes.. might not be warm enough yet for them is all I can figure. Marigolds are in too shallow of a soil I think ( egg cartons... done trying with those! ) OH and radishes- they went in first.. and Love in a Mist too- those are in the front- so nearly forgot them.

That's it for now- have a lovely fleece soaking - my first time at washing a sheep's fleece- wish me luck... hoping it will not felt since I have used only cold water. Am worried about too much movement though.... I seem to *need* to move it around. lol

Hope you are well. :)

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Button said...

Wow, Sally of Yorkeshire has such pretty spindles! Too bad about the exchange rate, it's going to really muck up my christmas shopping, as in the past I've just ordered things from Amazon and let them deliver to my family in the US, but this year, that will be too expensive, so I'll have to physically go out and buy it all, pack it and mail it. YUCK! Glad to see a new entry from you! I love your blog. I have it on my "watched" list. I've been neglecting mine a bit too, and saw your new entry when trying to update mine ;) Have a great day!