Saturday, 29 November 2008

Scarf Exchange 2008

This year I participated in the International Scarf Exchange put on by various spinning groups of Australia.

Last year it was held by the Gumeracha SA guild- where I first learned of it... so with the help of my friend Kathy I joined in on the fun this year. This year it was hosted by The Handweavers, Spinners and Dyers' Guild of Western Australia.
I got my scarf/extra yarn back today in the mail- so thought I should post my photos of the one I made. I'll get photos taken of my received items asap. :)

The fibre and one of the spindles I chose to use to spin the 150 grams.

Below shows the two spindles I used- the Pansy (by Spinsanity)
and The Magpie (by Yorkieslave Artworks).

This is the singles (^) which ended up being plied upon itself to create:
these 3 skeins- which when all put together - created this large bundle of yarn- shown with a full roll of paper/kitchen towels- for size comparison. :)
It was so soft and squooshy. I so hope the person receiving it loves it as much as I did. ( if you are reading this- please contact me- I would love to hear from you!)

Below you will see photos of the scarf I made in progress and then the finished scarf.

I crocheted the scarf in a pattern I found online, then added on my own free form 'fringe' on the ends- which I called gumtree leaves in order for the whole item to fit the "Outback" theme that was chosen for the year. :)

Hope you are well!


Rosie said...

I love the way the spun yarn changes colour as you made the scarf. Very pretty.

chris said...

Hi Sharon, loved your scarf someone is going to be very lucky, Chris from Littlehampton spinners

Button said...

Oh Sharon, that yarn is spectacular, and the scarf is a dream! Well done!