Friday, 16 January 2009

Happy New Year!

I guess even being 15 days late it is still ok to wish everyone a happy new year- heck - I figure we have 'til April 1st! ( I'd read somewhere that the reason it is called April Fool's Day was because by then if you are still writing the wrong year on your paperwork then you are a 'fool'. I have since read other explanations for the day, but none stuck like this story....)

Seems there is not much to write about and yet alot.
Summer has been pretty kind to us so far this year- we have only had about 3 hot days with one stupidly hot day earlier this week.
I am loving a cooler summer- and am on Ravelry trying to figure a way to get my arse to New Zealand to live!

Great news from Christmas - my sister (waves to Donna, "HI Donna!" :) )got a new computer for Christmas so she can see pictures of RJB and lots of others and can finally see my blog!

I also have to squee a bit about 'one' of my gifts- lots of spinning fibre from DH from Jane's Moseley Park Home online store! I haven't taken photos of what I got yet- and have actually spun or am in the process of spinning some already that I won't be able to photograph it all together. ( Plus Jane was an absolute doll and threw in some extras for us - what fun! And THANKS JANE!;)

I will try to be better at posting things here- I tend to write and show more on the Ravelry boards lately.

Would like to get photos of my scarf and amulet bag from the Scarf exchange 2008 put on here- have them taken- just didn't get them on here yet.
No photos today.

On a 'sad' note- I didn't get any Christmas cards sent like I intended this year. It's just my northern hemisphere brain I guess.....hard to get in the holiday spirit when it is 90°F outside! But I want you all to know I thought of you all and gave thanks for all the friends and family I have. I am truly thankful.

Hope all is well.

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