Saturday, 31 January 2009

Hot enough for ya?

While my friends and family in the USA are generally suffering the harshness of Winter- we here in Australia are having a wild summer.
Once again this year we are having a heatwave.....
temps near or over 100°F (39°C) ( and UP!) we are breaking 70 yr old records for the state of South Australia and I, for one, am NOT loving making history!
We had an overnight low of 33°C the other night- ( that's over 90°F) - in the house it never got below 34°C! The day temps were then well over 100°F with a high of 45 being recorded in the city of Adelaide- it was likely 43 or so here. I didn't venture out to guess. Sweltering in my home in front of a fan is plenty enough confrontation with it all!!!!!!! lol ( I can laugh now- at the moment we are having gusty winds and the temps are nearing high 70°'s (24°C). This is like heaven for us.)
We have another week of this to go. Temps all above 35°C being forecast for the next week- here's hoping we are a bit cooler than they say. Times like these I really sincerely kick myself for not having an A/C!! Most times of the year we dont' really need one.... it's just these blinging summer heatwaves that keep coming back...
ah well.
Anyway- I didn't come here to just write about the weather- I got yarn and fiber to write about as well! LOL
OK _ I actually just came to add my SARK button along the side bar..... it's time for some serious SARK-dom! ( yeah right- oxymoron there!) Check her out. I have been a fan of hers for YEARS now- ever since I found one of her books at the Waldenbooks bookstore I worked in at the Lycoming County Mall in Muncy,PA.
I do NOT miss working retail..... not one bit- but I sure do miss the stores.
and the discounts! ;)
Will try to post a bit more when the weather has cooled- I really have spun yarn and washed it and dried it and we even tried our hands at doing our own hand dyed merino tops/rovings! What a hoot- once we got started I mean! I can see us doing more real soon. We 'cooked' it in the car even- solar power at it's finest!
Will post pictures soon- need to edit them down to the right size.
PS) Garden is all but dead with this heat and no rain for weeks and weeks and weeks.
I do still have some flowers hanging in there- even SALPIGLOSSIS!!!! yes! I grew my own- well- two! One pink and one yellow one..... the yellow one had the unfortunate timing to come out just as the heatwave hit.....but it is doing OK!
We got some corn, cucumbers, and zucchini from the garden before this though- so I feel fortunate. :)

Hope all is well.

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