Wednesday, 1 August 2007


Well- another month is upon us.

I have just tried to take photos of the recently FOs- but the camera battery is dead and I have no idea where DH has put the charger. So it will be not until he is home, finds the charger, charges the battery for ?? hours that I can take any. See ya tomorrow!
ha ha- just kidding.....
I can try to post for you the lovely assortment of wonderful items from Mandie/EGMTK! that arrived two days ago and I have neglected to write about!
Some items for DH and some for me-here are my goodies -all handdyed by the creative Goddess Mandie herself:

The one to the right is called "Limited Light".
The one below centre is "Hickory Stick" ...... And the one with all the lovely pink and orangey tones is called "Forever Young 2". :)

Does this lady have talent? Yes! A resounding YES!
I can hardly wait for the new stuff to be of yet- it is just the teaser on her blog.

Thanks also to Mandie for her comment on my plying problem- I will give plying a couple commercial yarn strands to see if it's me and my technique or if it is that I can't figure out how to do the twisty singles that all tangle up on themselves... report later.

Hope you are well.

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