Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Done But Not Photographed

Here are updates to what I have accomplished spinning-wise over the last few days...
I rolled my alpaca yarn into a ball- it measured approx. 76.5 yds....46 loops that measured app. 60 inches each....i *think* i did that math right.
It's all over the place inthickness changes-more than I realised before. But it is still very soft and not sure what the heck I am going to do with it. I had planned some squares and then make into a scarf or something-but....76 yds isn't alot. *sigh*

I got the "Drought Busta" washed and now is all dried- waiting for photos- it has the cutest curly Q's in it- not sure if they will stay once it is released from the skein and put into a ball or not....need photos before I will create a ball/ skein from it....

and tonight I managed to finally finish my Moroccan Nights.... my hands have stopped hurting so much- so spun when I could. Now- I think I am going to try my hand at plying two separate balls of the same stuff....wish me luck....
should be very pretty though.

I am not confident in plying and it makes me mad that I mess up what I have spun pretty well by my lack of ability to ply. >:(

Ah well......
Mandie of Ewe Give Me the Knits is soon going to list more hand dyed (22 micron!) merino rovings in her store.....sneak peak on her blog here ...... so I will soon be obsessing over new stuff to spin. Anyone I can hire to ply? LOL Just kidding.

It's late and I am heading for bed. It was a WINDY day here and we didn't get outside to do anything which bummed me out.....hoping tomorrow will be better......less windy.

Heard from my sister Donna- home safe and sound and busy as busy can be........not sure 'retirement' has the same meaning nowadays as it used to have- she was always so busy anyway- but nowadays she is always on the go. Mostly for doing more fun things than going to work- but she mostly always liked her work anyway. That is a blessing isn't it? Work you don't mind getting up for......wow. [Sending a hug (or 3) your way (((Donna)))]

Hope you are well.

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Mandie said...

This could be a totally off the wall suggestion but just maybe it might help with your plying.
What if you took two commercially spun yarns and practised your playing with them - would that work do you think?
Off to bed as well....it's late again.